Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Where Christ dwells..

I am not sure I should be writing this blog because I am in a confusing space at the moment.I spent a day doing a lot of things which can translate to 'not going for work'.I was meant to go to Varanasi today but after mentally meandering the path and praying about it I decide to take a quiet day catching up on replenishing my kitchen stock,trying my hand at planting some herbs with a lot of inspiration from Sharon,reading through the book of Job and keeping a track on how Ranveer Singh's films are doing.
Mid afternoon I picked myself up and realised I had to go shopping or starve, so off I went to the market with a mental list which easily outweighed my ability to cart it.I found myself planting my stuff in different shops to be picked up later.One bright ten year old thing sprightly offered to help me with the shopping stuff and as we walked to my house together ,I gathered that she studied in the christian school.She chatted away brightly as one would expect a ten year old to chat.Once I was home I wanted to give her some pocket money but she bluntly refused with a smile and said,'I also worship Yeshu Masih'.I was taken aback.Her parents sell items made of clay in the market and I frequent that shop often on the lookout for pots and stuff that take my fancy.
Yesterday while going through my cousin's message on whattsapp where Jonty and Rene are picking up oysters in a beach somewhere in New-Zealand where they stay ,I realised that I had a lot of catching up to do on the seafood front.I have not had oyster in my life,if that matters.It is wonderful to see the siblings growing up together,nearer home our Annie is a big girl now.
I have also been deeply burdened about some of my colleagues and friends who are going through their own struggles.
When we were children I remember my maternal uncle who was a young guitar totting youth getting up in the church with his friends to sing a song ..'madhya raat ko taapu haroo...eklaas eklaas dara haroo ...krist tehi cha tehi nai cha '-which translates as 'those midnight islands and the alone hillocks '(deserted),those are the places where Christ dwells.....may we remember whereever we are in these times, as someone told me 'nothing is allright' is the exact place where Christ meets us.
To Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.....Ephesians 3 vs 20-21.

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