The samaritan woman was going about her livelihood as she would daily ,drawing water from the well she had pride in.She calls it ‘Jacob’s well ‘and it was .She does not see anything beyond, although there is much more to life as it is and then she chances upon Jesus who offers her ‘a stream of living water’.She is convinced even as she listens to Jesus and goes back to the village to spread the news of the messiah.,ASTONISHED.
The woman caught in sin ,condemned to be stoned to death.Would you and I stand up to an angry ,self-righteous crowd like that against injustice?Jesus stands up for her,rescues her and she stands before Jesus ,RELIEVED.
The sick women ,bleeding for twelve years,convinced that Jesus has the anointing but touches his cloak and she is HEALED.
The synagogue leader’s daughter’s funeral ceremony was going on but because of her father’s faith in Jesus,Jesus goes over to the synagogue and picks her up by her hand and she is ALIVE.
The Canaanite woman whose daughter was demon possessed and suffering terribly cries out to Jesus for help and Jesus although tests her faith a little further ,RESTORES her.
When Jesus was dining at Simon the leper’s house at Bethany a women of some repute anoints him with costly alabaster perfume.The response from the crowd is as expected ,to the point of questioning Jesus’ stand.Jesus sees her heart and acknowledges the beauty of the gesture and declares that what she has done will be COMMEMERATED .
Amazing ways Jesus dealt with women during His ministry on earth ,a reflection of the Father’s love for His daughters for as Christ says in

John 5 vs 30 ‘I can do nothing by Myself,I judge only as I hear.And My judgement is just, because I do not seek my own will ,but the will of Him who sent Me.’

John 12 vs 50
‘And I know that His command leads to eternal life.So I speak exactly what the Father has told Me to say.’

May we ‘will the will of the Father’ and ‘walk to eternal life’- relieving, rescuing, restoring,comemorating and bringing to life ,by the Lord’s infinite grace, and the compassionate eyes of the Father ,the Son and the Holy Spirit.


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