Kamla is a dwarf with two wiry legs ,deformed but she stands on it.Her husband has a leg deformity because of which he crawls.on his knees.What struck me about the couple whenever I saw them coming to the antenatal clinic was the joy in their faces and the dignity.As impoverished as they looked they never seem to ask for charity or show a dull face.Kamala’s haemoglobin would not budge above it’s 6.5 value.When the times comes we would have to take her for caesarian section because she had CPD and there was no way the baby was going to come out PV.I asked my colleague to put her on iron injections if blood transfusion seemed impossible and  we had barely managed to give her a dose ,a few days later she came back to us.
On my day off she came to the hospital in labour so we had to intervene.
She and her husband make their living by selling roasted corn for ten rupees each.
We made that difficult decision of posting her for Caesarian section with that haemoglobin.We did it on ketamine and a quiet confidence on our Lord the defender of the weak.It was by God’s grace an uneventful surgery with not much bleeding but her blood looked watery.She continued to smile through the anaesthetic haze.
Kamla’s parents went ahead to Varanasi to arrange for blood which would take a cool six to eight hours.We thank God we opened her up because the liquor was meconium stained but a healthy little girl was born.
I was looking to one of our staffs in the duty room when Evelyn came giggling into the room.
Apparently the husband shuffled into the ACU, looked at his wife on the bed and asked her if she was fine and the first response she had for her husband was a question,’Are you alright?have you eaten your food?,to which the husband started weeping.
I am more than convinced that in this missionary journey God reveals himself and his Holy Spirit touches our lives through the lives of the people we are called to minister we just need to stoop a little lower and a little closer to hear Him.


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