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Just Listening.....

All of eighty and delirious ,the old Pandit shuflled for his Janeu(Sacred ceremonial thread according to hinduism which the brahmins tie around their person).Two devoted sons tried to wrestle him down to his bed.He had a diaper on ,and a catheter but was insisting deliriously that he wanted to use the toilet.Suddenly he picked up his thread and put two loops around his ear.The sons interpreted that he wanted to pass stool.This was a learning for us.
Another time another man in his eighty came in screaming with chest pain.He had extensive anterior wall MI .My junior colleague managed him well.His ST elevation had reverted ,his pulse rate was well controlled and he was comfortably seated by the time we saw him for the morning rounds.By the afternoon he complained of chest pain and then went into a supraventricular tachycardia but his hemodynamics held, so we medically managed him.He was by nature a comfortable man.He shared that he was ready to die.We got talking to him one afternoon.He had travelled extensively all over India selling bedsheets,so he said. but I wondered if it was all he did because he seemed to be a multi-linguist and his awareness of the world around had me pinned him as a teacher or a lecturer.He was an amenable man.He started talking to us in various languages and then suddenly gave us a taste of the sweetness of bengali as a language.He took a simple statement,'where are you going?' and translated it into various languages of India and then with a smile on his face simply said,'Sunun Dada,apni kothai jache?'This coming from a man on the ACU bed with extensive anterior wall MI on amiodarone drip.We sat by and marvelled.
These last few months,I have been listening much and have wondered why I had not been listening thus far?
It is a peaceful and a fulfilling vocation,listening to people,listening to the nature,birds,sometimes plants and flowers,not coming to conclusions,just listening and learning.
I find that when I listen ,truly listen..things start falling into head becomes heart becomes softer,....I become more giving and I feel more in tune with what God has called me to be.


Unknown said…
I really miss you mam it was a great pleasure to working with you kachhwa christian hospital

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