Sunday, March 18, 2018

He will come like the winter rains,like the spring rains that waters the earth......

Today the church was a rich experience and the presence of the spirit of God talking to us and affirming.
There was not much words but a lot of pictures ,pictures of spring in full glory.
'Spring is a time of growth'
Hosea 6:3 was quoted-
''Let us acknowledge the Lord;Let us press on to acknowledge Him.
As surely as the sun rises,He will appear;He will come like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that waters the earth.''
As the worship continued and there were paintings from Jesus' time on earth on the screen above fleeting through.
There was one of the samaritan woman talking to Jesus by the well.there was another of Mary washing Jesus' feet,there was one of the Lord's supper in the upper room,but there was one particular painting that strangely drew me ,it was a shadow painting of Jesus on the road walking with some other men talking to them,in spirit I interpreted it as the walk through the road to Emmaus.
As the service progressed,the pastor called out to the congregation to talk to the Lord about the painting that we had been drawn to.
It was an amazing experience to know that the Lord was with us in this uncertain and indecisive road,sometimes we fail to recognise Him.'For the disciples ,on the road to Emmaus when everything seemed to be apparently falling apart,how comforting it was to have Jesus come and talk to them...they do recognise it in the retrospect.
'He will come like the winter rains,like the spring rains that water the earth' on our walk through the road to Emmaus and the road to the cross.
Here were two songs we sang in the course of preaching .
1)The Lord is my shepherd......there was one verse in particular which deeply spoke to me and it was..'I will trust in Him alone...'Yes I will trust in Him alone because only He knows best what He wants me to do.
2)To added affliction ,He offers more grace and out of His infinite mercy in Jesus,He giveth and giveth and giveth again.
Praise God for my Redeemer who never fails to lead me.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A slice of the pie.

It seemed like yesterday
I saw the leaves azure,
falling,red bushes
on fire by the road-side.
Fallen leaves,
and the sound of the rakes
clearing it all..
I watched,I lingered
and I fell in love with it.
Even as I did a detour
to work and back
winter glided in,
hot chocolates and the heating.
They predicted snow in Kent...
I peered from my window
every morning
it never came.
Now when we have celebrated
the festival of spring in India,
Softly but stealthily
wisps of white flakes
fall from the sky.
I would have missed it
had I not pushed the window open.
I breathe in the sight
from my warm kitchen
As I strain my pasta
One moment ,a green valley,
the next a white,fairy land.
I would have slept through
the snow flakes falling...
last bits of the winter
I, a Pixie,
from winter to spring.
When the snow has finished falling
and the sunlight streams through
tiny little bobs of paint
will cover the lawn,
and my world,as I linger
a little longer ..
to look at God's masterpiece..
In winter,summer,autumn and spring.
Wait,but where is the summer?
It is in India ,I believe.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Daffodils and cross.

Church today was at ashford baptist is amazing how the church speaks into our lives.I have been struggling with issues about patience the whole of last week and the preaching was a reminder.The last few preachings have been practically very relevent.
It was the mother's day celebration at the church and there were two full jars of daffodils in the rampart .The little children were asked to come forward and give away a daffodil to every lady in the room .The little ones bounced around with the daffodils all over the place.They kept coming and giving us daffodils.I was a little embarassed because I had one too many and I kept saying I already have them and they kept saying,' you can have some more'.Last but not the least,a cute little black girl ran across the rampart ,stood in the sidewalk for sometime ,eyed me,walked to me and said,'Here you can have two of mine'and plonked two bits of daffodils on my lap.I could not help smiling.It was so very cute ,the way it was done.
The pastor stressed on the fact that when we face tiring situations ,it helps to take time between work to remember who you are and whose you are?Not that i have not heard this before but it helps to be reminded .
This week I also go through my yearly appraisell which is interesting.A very kindly senior has agreed to take me through it.
My panflute lies a little neglected this week but I like the fact it brings out a beautiful music regardless of how I play it.
The preaching today was on sanctification.
Mostly from Romans chapter 7 and 8.
The door we looked at it was through Graham Tomlin ,the bishop of Kensington's work,'Looking through the Cross.'
which ends with 'one day we will no longer feel the pull of the old self....'

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Looking at life with pastor Gary.

Spent a refreshing day with my friend Anu.I seem to have gone down 2 kgs on the scale with my lent resolutions.Played a game of chess with Ojasvi and walked the south bank of Thames,10 kms before I boarded the train back to Ashford.The church was hillsong in London,reached Dominion in time but was diverted to the theatre royal at covent garden where the church was scheduled.Just followed a whole host of teenagers and reached the church spot on time.
Pastor Gary was preaching and he went deeper with issues of life.
The preaching was with reference to Numbers 13 and 14.
Moses was given a task to lead a group of people out of slavery into promises of God.
Moving-ability to construct a better tomorrow than what we see today.
We are going to break through a few things and even if we don't we will die trying.
Moses had to lead a set of people who were used to being captives to a place of freedom-to the promised land.
12 people go in to the promised land,they get divided into two groups.Although both the group saw the samething their reading of the situation is very different.Minority read it the correct way and majority have a wrong interpretation.
Our prayer is that we will be in the minority who will be able to stick our heads out above the crowd against majority viewpoint which may be wrong.
The majority-fearful of the giants,we felt like grasshoppers,so like grasshoppers they will treat them ,because they felt that way.
The minority-Don't be afraid they are helpless prey for us,the Lord is with us.
Obstacles in life can be three types-
1)Deeper issues of life,
2)Living life,
3)Where we want to go.
Giants cause us to feel a certain way,we identify with it and it defines us.It puts a conflict in our identity and we put labels on ourselves and that is how we are identified.
Our dreams will be full of tough times,every mountain climbed will lead us closer to the dream.
When life becomes tough ,the danger is not that we give up but we give in.Those people want to go back to what is familiar,comfortable,path of least resistance.When we give up we start something new but when we give in we see the other side of the giant.
Why do we give in-
1)To please people-In Exodus chapter 18 Jethro gives Moses an advice about delegating the work to other leaders.
There are three criterias he chooses for the leaders regardless of the size of the group they are leading.
a)God fearing.
c)Able(Skilled)-We need to develop our skills.People put a limit on us and we put a limit on ourself.The bible says we were created in God's image,there is no limit.
There are two ways to do things ,for youngsters-
1.They must do what they do really well.
2.They must do what they are told to do.
11)I just cannot fit anymore in my life.We minimise everything and do the minimum that is required of us.Everyone has 24 hours in a day.
When we set priorities in life,something becomes an enemy of something else.
Everything should be a number one priority in our life ,at different times different things need more attention.When we make everything our number one priority it pulls us against itself so the way to do it is to enlarge ourselves.It makes us a bigger person.We need to embrace the tension,it leads us to a bigger us.
111)Personal 'too hards'-We need to dig deep.Perhaps spend more time with God,read the bible more,pray harder.Offence should no longer affect your life.
More injury is wrought by people who take offence than the people who give it.
Forgive as Jesus forgave.
Personal victories are won when offence no longer rules us.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


For some weeks now I have been dealing with some sick patients,it can be an experience in itself while we deal with the issues at hand,least of which may be medical.I am learning in the process.
As I wake up every morning to the sound of my alarm which bleeps right in time I scour out of my window to see the white snow on the ground ,someone has meticulously cleared the footpath off leaving a clear trial for us to follow.The lent period continues as I juggle between my routines.
I watch the familiar and the unfamiliar and I trudge the path to work,anticipating a day like any other which can get unpredictable at times,for the moment I love the snow,I love the scenery but the cold gets to my bones.
Two months more and I have to decide what I want to do .I go home first and then move in steps ,one shuffle at a time.
Am I looking forward to the new phase,I am .I have already in my mind's eye mapped out a few personal goals set before me.A few mountains I need to climb,Not to prove anything to anybody but to keep myself the knowledge that I am not there as yet..I have miles to go before I sleep.
I have learnt from my good friends around ,they all seem to be trudging forward doing the best they can to be their best self they can be wherever they are.There are hurts,there are slights,there are people who think they can ride over them and use them to fulfill their own personal agendas...but they have decided to take their stance for their sakes and the sake of their family.I admire them because they are doing it regardless of the hardship,deep within,they are at peace.
I admire them because they are doing it one shift at a time ,one course at a time ,faithful to the basic call every child of God is called to,looking after their families,.....and living in life-giving Christ honouring communities which can only give life in return.I look on in fascination as I see them pray and it touches my heart.
We are not in any place to 'save the world' but we are where we are to be faithful in small things.What are the small things in my life?Sometimes the small thing might be just to get up in the morning and go for work when everyone and their brother are calling in sick.The weather does not help.
I am appreciating the saturdays better,the quiet...the time with my guitar...just a lie in longer than other days...listening to the birds chirp in the cold of snow-laden lawn feels almost magical.
I have been good with my lent goals of keeping away from potatoes and was not hard although I have not tried too hard with the sugar in my tea...sometimes I need it....and I let it be.
The sunlight on the snow looks brighter...I can see the glow through my window as it melts the snow,one ray at a time..a miracle unfolding, while the world goes on in it's 'busyness'....

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Michael W Smith - Healing Rain

The twins,KBC......and the spirit of God.

I spent the weekend with my favourite twins Niya and Joana,my friends from Herbertpur days when they were seven month old wonders who used to brighten up my mornings,waiting for me through the netted door even as I crashed down unto the groundfloor of my quarter in Herbertpur.One of them ,with a naughty smile used to tease me and the other used to stare at the beautiful butterflies in the garden with wonder.They always used to carry such peace on their little shoulders.They are still the same ,beautiful little ladies ,engaging ,made a lot of conversation with me.As I listened to them intelligently describe what was happening to their lives in the UK now,I just felt like I saw a walking and talking miracle.The faces of the little toddlers actually grown up by five years or so.
I had a blessed time with Sushil and Anju,sharing ,talking and just revelling in the goodness of God.

I attended the Basildon church at KBC after almost four years.There was that hard-hitting message that reduced me to tears ...spirit of God will never let us gets us when people pray.
The message in the church was Mathew 25 vs 31 eloquently expressed by the pastor.
''When the son of man comes in glory.......''

When you are one in the crowd,there are noises and more noises,there are jostling,stepping on each others toes, life happens,as life should and the dust it throws up becomes the platinum dust at the back of your throat and even as life chokes ,you thirst and the thirst that it brings you ,can be satisfied only by the living water.
Mathew 25 vs 31 is a vivid picture of all that the creation is moving towards one can palpate the awe,hope and the mood of the crowd even as ''Every knee bends and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord.''
The moods in the room are-
1)Deep regret.

2)Confusion-when Christ says,'Get away from me I never knew you..'

3)Surprise-When Christ says,'Good and faithfulservant.....'

The pastor mentioned Martin of tours.
One winter morning Martin of tours saw an ill-clad beggar at the gate of the city of Amiens.Martin had no money to give the beggar ,so he cut his cloak into half and gave it to him.
That night he saw Jesus wearing that dirty cloak around him in his dream.
He had been considering christianity, he gave his life to Jesus.
'Then the righteous will answer him saying ,'Lord,when did we....?
When we look beyond people's faults and see the potential...what you have done for the very least,you did for me...'
The Lord's sheep have a healthy hump.
We need to abide in prayer,in His word and in worship.
We will see the fruit.