Friday, January 19, 2018

Bits and pieces....

I spent the better part of my morning in a specialist endocrine clinic.There is so much to learn.Majority of patients were ones with thyroid or diabetes and we had one with Conn's and a few with multi-system involvement.Take for instance diabetes,the protocols in it move at breakneck speed.There are so many newer drugs and insulin coming into the market,managing it is a full time speciality.We saw patients with pancreatic implants,talked about it's limitations,insulin pump,newer insulins which give a more stable baseline than Lantus.....and the list goes on whereas in thyroid there was not really much new.
Just sitting in the clinic one morning my learning curve just went on a surge.I learnt more in a few hours than I have in the last one year ,I think.
I spent a better part of one morning just learning echoes from a very patient person.I believe there is a course called critical care echo which I wonder if I can get done before I leave for home.
Don't get me wrong I am a great believer in learning while working which does happen all the time.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The luggage.

I don't look at my room too hard on working days.I pick up things I need and I just leave the room.I know exactly where I keep them so I never have to search for them besides mom is not around here to clean after me,yes it still happens.
Every now and then I take one long look at my room and I know I have to clear things out.In a consumer culture like the UK every week comes with it's waste.
I go through my dressing table,clean my combs,segregate my finished and finishing products,old toothbrushes which have seen better days-room fresheners which have evaporated,paper labels of new stuffs I have picked up,My toiletries also go through a strict vetting process.
I go through my clothes ,segregate the ones I don't wear,from the ones I need every now and then.I go through my store cupboard and throw away labels and carriers of things that are about finishing.
I clean my study table of last weeks junk I have knowingly or unknowingly picked up which could be receipts,papers,coins,pens of all shapes and sizes.
I go through my tuck corner and chuck the dried flowers,fruit containers,sometimes,peels away as well.
Every now and then ,I hesistate.that is when I tuck it away in one corner incase I need it later.
Then I have the suitcase I brought in with me when I came over which is being filled up with small gifts,it also goes through a very strict screening.
I have my expensive guitar,basic lap-top and a basic kindle.
All said and done,I am happy with the progress I have made so far.My baggage home should be lighter than the one I carried here.
Not to forget,I still carry my broken samsung galaxy phone.I did try to change the cover but the shop assistant very politely informed me that the model I held was not sold in Britain anymore!
The last time I came to Britain I had a nokia 1100,a tough phone which used to break into six different parts whenever it used to drop from my hand-it served it's purpose though.Me and my telephones!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Remembering Dr King ...under the shadows of his Master..

If I have idolised a man in my growing up years it has been Dr Martin Luther King.Like a lunatic lying on the lawn in my boarding school,standing before the mirror,just gallavanting with my friends I used to recite the 'I have a dream'speech .My take home book from the library often used to be biographies of Dr King.His civil right movement was solidly built on a firm foundation of a solid ground,the gospel.He was a man of God,fullstop.
When Barack Obama was elected to the office for the first time ,I wept.I was so proud of USA,just watching the entire drama fold out in America and I really thought America was the greatest country in the world.However as his tenure unfolded,some of his policies would have made Dr King cry.He became more popular but I liked him less ,for whatever it is worth.
The last elections America pulled out a rabbit from it's hat.The world gasped in horror as Trump won the elections.
Eversince,american politics has been like a soap opera exposing it for what it actually is.You just have to hear the rants on the overdrive and you begin to understand.
Here is a business man from outside the establishment,at the helm,very very uncomfortable with his own set of idiosyncracies.
When I was going through the list of the richest countries in the world I was shocked to see that America came fifth or sixth in the list and it had a footnote which said significant portion of the population lived below the poverty line.There were people being left behind in this race and that is very sad.
America has a problem in hand,it's president may not be it.It's politics may be it.
The rich celebrities who seem so adept at taking the platform to speak for their rights and seem to have made a fashion of blasting the president might do well to turning their focus on rural America for a change and face the reality.You have to look after your brood.
When you nurture a child you cannot do it on lollies alone,dangerous are these times when the requirement from everyone in the glare is to appear politically correct ,say the apt words ...however wherever we stand in the political milieu or we don't stand at all,at the end of the day we all have to face the same God where there is only absolutes.
We all are just frail human beings with our own set of weaknesses.Without the grace of God we all are unfit for whatever offices we hold.
It was Corrie Ten Boom ,while attending a church service long after the second world war attrocities had ended,met the warden of the concentration camp in a church service where she was speaking about forgiveness.It was the warden of the camp where she had lost her father and her sister.When she came face to face with him ,she says she froze,She cried out to God to give her the strength to shake his hands.Even as she pushed her hands forward she says she felt such overwhelming love for the man ,love which she says was not her own.
We need that kind of love in America which can only come from God.
I sincerely wish America gets it,as Dr King did.He knew the importance of standing on 'THE SOLID ROCK' even while he ministerd to his flocks.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Just ordinary truths.

Finished 4 days of night duty and it does play havoc with your circadian,at 11 PM at night one is wide awake like an owl with no sleep in sight.One does get three days to get back but it just does not work that way does it?
I am so glad about it though,a year back I would have found this sort of rota for extended periods almost impossible ,ofcourse there is the fact that back home the rest part is not woven into our erratic schedule.
I would like to attend church today,hopefully I will be able to hold up for the day and catch up on sleep a little early tonight.Tomorrow I start my clinical week and I hope to spend the next five days in the echo department picking up some skills.
I have all of three months with the trust and another month travelling through UK if the Lord wills it,with my brother and niece.
I have almost begun my count-downs and all said and done I just have a handful of days.
This year has been a thought provoking year,hopefully I have shed more than just a few kilos of lard.
Mom and dad are travelling to Siliguri today accompanying my sister and her wards for a little more than a fortnight of continuing education ,it will be a break for them before they will have my sister from Australia with her children over.It is something my parents look forward to with a lot of joy ,they are a fortnight away and my mom has already been expressing her regret at their visit being so brief.That's parents for you.
Otherwise it is winter for you here in England.The second night after my night duty,it started drizzling a bit on my way back and the temperature just plumetted.I had a taste of hypothermia just walking back to my accomodation ,the heating had broken down and my flatmate was doing the rounds of the accomodation office .It took exactly a day after that for the heating to come back.The third night ,I felt a little sick to start with but managed somehow by God's grace.
It is frightening to see a spate of viral pneumonias come in through the emergency.They would never make it in our settings back home.Sometimes I get very impressed by the paramedical support system the NHS has built up.They do a fine job of filling in the gap for some very sick patients and that is a learning I would like to take back home and perhaps build on it.
I had my flu-jab this year when the season began and it has done a fine job keeping the flu at bay.Guess who is most surprised when medicine actually works?It is me.I remember a time when I had some physical pain .Dr KV had given me a word of advice which I think I will carry to my death bed.He said,'never be your own physician'.So Divya prescribed a diclofenac for me .I took it and was actually really surprised to see the pain stay at bay for a cool six hours atleast.It is the same with the jab.Some friends were complaining of feeling underweather post jab but all I noticed was I had become emotionally a little labile for a week after that.Like all things nowadays I analyse it with a cool head and the only change in my routine was the jab.I am back to my baseline now.
You become older,you become wiser,one understands another human being better,beyond the difference of the skin colour,background,social situation,beliefs,opinions ....we are just God's creation,different sometimes very very different but beautiful nevertheless.....a reflection of the utmost ,sometimes obscured by circumstances ,surprising you when we least expect it,and sometimes by grace we are able to connect with one another in this journey through life.For that I am always grateful.