Friday, February 16, 2018

Keith Green - Oh, Lord You're Beautiful (Live)-a life I covet!!short but worthy indeed.

'It is I,do not be afraid.'

Sometimes beyond the second breath
tired to the bones,
physically,emotionally and mentally
there is a light that falls on you....
Warmth,an aura that assures me I am loved.
It has to be grace..
Is it you Lord?

In an average day
when you least expect it
out of the blue
your presence just envelops me
I look around enquiringly
Who is it Lord someone carrying your presence
is it you Lord?

Pushed around by the mob,
left ,right and centre
somedays I just want to crawl back
into my room.
I look at a few coveted silver locks in my hair
and I smile a quiet smile.
There is a deep joy within.
Is it you Lord?

In the chaos
where everyone seems to be losing it,
I find a new leash of patience,
I never thought I had.
I am more gentle,more understanding
able to listen more without judging.
No knee-jerk reactions.
I step back and marvel
and wonder how it could be.
Is it you Lord?

The other day I saw a bubble
freeze into ice on a rose bush,
an ice bubble closely observed and photographed,
a marvel captured by a rich soul
to share a smile and wonder.
The clip brought joy to my heart ,
Like all things beautiful,
It was a tiny miracle ,waiting to be discovered.
Was it you Lord?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Holy Spirit, Living Breath Of God {with lyrics} - //Keith & Kristyn Gett...

Church today.

It was the transfiguration day at the church today,a celebration of the mountain-top experience of Moses when he meets with God for the ten commandments and also the mount of transfiguration where Jesus meets with Elijah and Moses and Peter,James and John withness this first hand.
The preaching however was on the 40 days of wilderness experience of Christ after baptism,correlating it with the Lent which starts from Tuesday.
Just before the message we remembered North Korea in the persecuted church list which according to the open doors is the place where christians are most persecuted.
The christians parents are so afraid that they cannot teach the children the bible lest they tell someone.
50,000 christians are in prison because of their faith.
Isaiah 54:13 was the caption-'All your children will be taught by the Lord ,and there will be great peace.'
In the sermon the discussion was on the temptations of Jesus which were engineered by the devil to take him away from his calling.
Some areas the devil attacked were
1)his identity,
2)his need,
3)his worship,
4)the Word.
The temptation for Jesus continued into his ministry in the form of flattery,disciples who tried to mislead him ,even till the cross where the jews mocked him.
Some points-
Don't make decisions on the mountaintop.Come down and talk to people,sort out the various voices.
Where are these voices leading us?Is it leading us to growth of my soul and to God?
Stop and aske the Lord what he is saying to you?
there are different 'hooks' that try to steer us away from the ministry.Identify these hooks and deal with it so that it brings glory to God.
We are God's children and he is well pleased with us.The way of the cross,the way of service and the way of the Lord.
We heard the song ,'Holy spirit breath of life.'
We ended the church with 'Be thou my vision.'

Saturday, February 10, 2018


The last but one month has been a frantic shuffle through online CMEs and completing other courses which I fancied along the way one of which was the TEFL.Now I cannot make up my mind whether to register for the Oxford university's online course on advanced creative writing .I have done one course already with Elizabeth Garner which was fun because there was a lot of interaction and feedbacks and I just enjoy the process of writing.One important feedback I remember I got from her then was the fact that I never explained what the charecter in the story I was writing were thinking.I was a little taken aback and wondered if it was a psychological thing ,I have never pursued it,so I still don't know the answer.I have considered going for counselling sessions but the questions they ask are things like do you struggle with addiction,do you feel like crying all the time,do you feel sad?,the answer is no to all these things,so I guess I do not qualify for counselling.
One of the take home messages or a reiteration of what I have known all along and have shared with some of my students as well is that when one tries to solve complex issues while learning ,the learning curve dramatically goes up.I used to call it the top down approach while dealing with exams ,etc.
Today being a saturday,I spent some time practising plucking my guitar ,it requires a lot of concentration getting your muscle memory to obey so while I practised it at stretches I used to in between take breaks to play the regular chords .I found that when i had struggled enough with the strings the regular chords sounded better and I found myself getting more experimental with the music I normally play and I was more confident.The lesson is don't play it safe,go for it.
Meta-learning is a fascinating subject and it might help to introduce bits of it in the school curriculum so that the students are thinking as they are going through the entire schooling process instead of mindless mugging which is often how it is done,atleast that was how it was done.
At this age one learns while preparing for exams ,it is more effective to have subject based goals rather than time based goals to be more efficient.For instance,instead of charting out two hours of studies,I chart out fifty MCQs in this sitting.Maximum time one can actually concentrate on a particular subject is limited so it better to pepper the study time with recreation times in between so that the out-put is maximum instead of just holing oneself with books for hours at a stretch.
Sleep is absolutely essential for assimilating all that has been learnt so if someone thinks one can max a paper by studying without sleeping on the last day one is wrong.,,,there is another one,the environment in which one learns is essential when trying to remember facts ,for instance if one has a habit of learning with music on it is bad because music is not the accepted norm where one would have to recollect the fact ,both adults and children have better learning when there is application of the learning in their every day setting so I guess as far as clinics are concerned one might learn a lot more while at work than while burning the midnight oil behind a desk...and it goes on.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Stop,Look and Listen

Ashford Baptist church.
Joshua is standing on the banks of Jordon about to step into the promised land and the words he gets from the Lord is in Chapter 1 vs 9.
'Have I not commanded you,be strong and courageous.DO not be discouraged,do not be afraid for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.'
There were three issues discussed in the setting.
1.How to deal with sometimes strange and enigmatic plan of the Lord.
After forty years in the desert,they come across the first city,Jericho-a city strong and powerful with solid walls and soldiers within it,all of us would imagine they would be raring to go but when the order comes in from the Lord,it is not what they expected.
For six days they are just supposed to walk around the Jericho wall and on the seventh day they are asked to go around it seven times and shout.
Interesting thing is they do do what the Lord says and the battle is won.Counter intuitive and strange it may seem but the peace of God will go with us.We have so many examples in the bible.Abraham,PAul,Gideon...
2.How to deal with setbacks.
By CHapter 7 everything seems to be going wrong when they deal with the Amorites.Joshua's confidence is gone for a sixer but in vs 10 God rebukes Joshua.'Stand up!'He says and He reveals the cause of the setback.
Joshua deals with the sin in the camp and then he hears from God again,'Do not be not be discouraged...'
God's purposes may get delayed but they will not get derailed.It will move forward.
It will test our resilience ,just how serious are we?How able to persevere?
3.Setbacks caused by our own failings.
Joshua fails to enquire of God when he deals with the people of Gibeonites.He signs a treaty with them whcih leads to a lot of mess.He repents and is on track when he hears from God again.
4.Oppositions from the outside.
After the southern kings are defeated the northern kings are worried.The bible says they were as numerous as the sand in the sea and yet the Lord reiterates His promise to Joshua.
The chapter 12 is a long list of kings Joshua and the army of God defeated even as they entered the promised land.Then they divide the land and finally they renew their covenant to the Lord.