Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Gift-in His time.

Dhan Singh lost four issues to an unexplained hypertension his wife suffered during pregnancy.Four issues in a row,his fervent prayer request every christmas would be for a child.Dhan Singh is a watchman in the hospital.One evening while I got talking to one of the staff nurses she told me about his bane.
We started praying seriously and somehow the lord put the burden in our hearts to pray.It became one of our prayer points in the chain prayer list.
One fine day Dhan Singh came to us with the good news that his wife had conceived but along with it was an uncontrollable blood pressure of more than 200/130 consistantly.
We put her on anti-hypertensives but she just could not tolerate the medication beyond a certain point.
Pray,we did.
Consulting other gynaecologists we got a picture of how bleak the chances of the baby making it, was.
The follow up USG showed a small for date baby.
I went home for the holidays and when I reached back Dhan Singh was waiting for me to come back.
It was just getting on to the ninth month.
We called up one of our gynaecologist friend who insisted we immediately control the blood pressure and terminate the pregnancy.
We admitted Dhan Singh's wife and started her on mag-sulf,Betamethasone and anti-hypertensives more aggressively.The plan was to prolong this for 48 hours, if possible.That evening three obstetric emergencies came in a row and Dhan Singh was on duty.As he carted three new-born babies with their mothers to their beds he suddenly wondered loudly to my junior if his wife could have her caeserian section as well.
When I approached Dhan Singh he very docilely said,'mam you do what you think would be best'.So I called the OT team and we decided to go ahead with the surgery.
Since it was pretty late at night I asked the team to go back to their rooms ,pray,have some dinner and come back.
I sent a facebook prayer request and I sat down to pray myself.
When I went back to the OT,I had a moment of doubt when I saw the size of the uterus.
I called DhanSingh in and asked him if he would like to take his wife to a centre where the baby can be cared for,he said naught.He wanted the section done here following which he was willing to take the baby for an incubator care if needed.
While praying before the surgery I felt the presence of the Lord strongly.
A 1.5KG baby was delivered.Small as he was, he cried gustily and looked active .
We could not thank the Lord enough.It was an emotional moment for all of us when we called Dhan Singh into the theatre just to thank the Lord for the mighty grace He had bestowed upon all of us.
The little kid stayed in a paediatric centre for two weeks at the end of which he has come home.He is with his parents in their village home,dong well.Dhan Singh brought us sweets the other day.
We continue to pray that Dhan Singh and his family will have the favour of the Lord in their lives and will profess Him who has bestowed such grace into their lives and accept him as their prsonal savior.

To all perfection I see a limit but your precepts are boundless!

Anita was brought to us by a local family .They were relatively well off and was being looked after by a lady doctor during her ante-natal period.One morning she perceived decreased foetal movement.Just a week short of her expected date of delivery she went to the doctor and was told that the baby had passed away in the womb.
Her husband and a paraphenalia of around twenty people came to us for the termination of her pregnancy with her USG report.

We induced her and we waited.Since she was a primae we anticipated a longer haul but at the end of 24hours she was only 6cms dilated so the the bystanders insisted we do a caeserian section and take the dead baby out.
We took her in to the operation theatre with a heavy heart.A dead male baby over three kilos in weight was delivered.I felt extremely sad and beaten at the end of it.
As soon as she was out of the ketamine haze ,she asked-'Where am I?'.
We told her she was in the mission hospital.

'Oh I was really going places..' she said.
'Where?'-one of the staffs asked, just to humour her .
I was deeply taken aback by the reply she gave us.
'Jesus Christ was holding my hand and taking me through a garden full of beautiful flowers.It was so beautiful ,why did I have to come back?'She said.
She was a hindu,period.

I have over my time in my profession often felt overwhelemd by the sadness and hopelessness that surrounds our profession.But over the last year my medical practise has undergone a major change.I have been surprised at every nook and corner by the Grace of God.This was again a gentle reminder to me that He is the one who is more than able to take the suffering,,the lost and the hopeless by hand and give them the promised joy and show them riches unsurpassable.
My job is to pray.

A big burden lifted from my heart .I thanked the Lord for giving me a clearer insight into the journey I am in with him.
Praise Him who is alone able.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The other day one gentleman whose old mother had had hysterectomy a month earlier landed up in my OPD with another woman who had been advised hysterectomy by an obstetrician in the city.We decided to post her the next day ,when he enquired if he could get his mother over for a review although he stressed that she had no problem whatsoever. I said yes.He was amongst others, a spectater to my great fall in the OPD so anticipating I would not be too well the next day he brought his mother a day later.This elderly lady with joy all over her face entered my OPD.I went through the checklist with her and everything seemed to be in place when she gently reminded me that she had had this unresolved PUO forever prior to her treatment here.Suddenly everything came flooding back. Every day of my life I see so much of God's grace that sometimes I need gentle reminders like this to remember all of them. This particular family had had a bad experience in the past in the hospital.It had built up to a major man-handling of an earlier doctor.So when they decided to do the surgery here some of the staffs discretely warned me that they were difficult people,so we were treading carefully. The surgery went off successfully but this lady had a depressed look post surgery and continued to have this low-grade fever. On the seventh post-operative day when we went in to see her she was lying in the bed weeping.I was immedaitely alert and asked her the reason and then she told me.She had had this spike of fever for more than six months ,she had been investigated extensively for it and nothing had come of it and she had been hoping after surgery she would be healed of it,but she was still getting the low-grade fever. Suddenly my heart was filled with extraordinary compassion,which sometimes you know is from God . I called the nurses ,we surrounded her and asked her permission to pray for her.She agreed and pray we did. Next day when I went for rounds it was a different woman in the bed.She was afebrile,smiling and giving glory to God near other patients. We discharged a healed woman and soon forgot about her till she reminded me gently today.Yes the Lord had healed her like he has healed very many in difficult circumstances.We had forgotten fickle as we are .

Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated!

Today on my way to a consultation with an orthopaedician in jabalpur we walked into an assembly of God church for the morning service and a preacher originally from Congo but based in UK had this revelation for me from the word of God. 'Jacob I have loved ,Esau I have hated'. The children of Isaac and Rebecca were born due to earnest pleading by Isaac to the Lord and it happened after twenty five years of their marriage.Isaac was a man with whom God himself had covenant and so it was to happen sooner or later. Rebecca conceives,right from the womb there is a struggle between the two children. And yet as the children grow up it is Rebecca who turns out to be a woman of revelation and not Isaac who is actually the man with the covenant with God. 'Jacob I have loved and Esau I have hated...'thus says the Lord God. It was Rebecca who loved after the manner of God and not Isaac who actually went after his feelings and flesh. If what Isaac willed would have happened perhaps the history of the world would have been different but Rebekka the womaan of revelation had the heart of God and was instrumental in the plan of God to bring redemption to man-kind. How important it is for us to be men and women of revelation,people who understand the heart of God and move accordingly in all areas of life.

Friday, January 16, 2015

ABC..tumbledown D

I tumbled down from a height of around 3 feet from the ground on my head today.By God's grace some one broke the full impact of the fall trying to hold me back so that saved my neck from breaking so now I have a sprained neck and a shoulder for a few days. Had a busy night trying to resuscitate a patient of brain-stem bleed with a tracheostomy tube who had most probably developed a nosocomial pneumonia-I did not hold much hope for him but strange things happen here as limited as the facilities are.He was breathing better and his temperature had considerably come down.We had to knock doors of the local pharmaccies and managed to get some leincomycin,we had amikacin and pip-taz with us. Sanish is back so I have the luxury of having someone to take the call at night. Tomorrow I have a hysterectomy posted at eight in the morning.Hopefully my neck and my shoulder will relax with the analgesic to allow me to do the surgery uninterrupted. I have also intrestingly been analysing the stats and demographic profile of all the patients and services we have provided in the past nine months and it is throwing up some pretty interesting results.Analysing datas clear a lot of notions one entertains otherwise. I was of the impression that I was seeing mostly surgical and obstetric cases but the datas made me realise how wrong I was.I was seeing five times more medicine patients than all other specialities but the other specialities being out of my comfort zone seems to occupy more of my thought life. I just love this part.I got a map of the local area and mapped out our catchment area as well.I was doing exactly that today when I fell down, I was excitedly confirming certain facts from the community health staffs who had sauntered into my out-patient. In the meantime a local fellow wanted his wife's delivary to take place in our hospital but he had insured the cord blood for preservation in a lab in Chennai for the next twenty years.He came with the kit et al.This is a new one for our humble hospital but we are going ahead with it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Open the eyes of my heart Lord!

It was a sad day indeed for me.I have always knowingly or unknowingly protected my parents from the idiosyncracies of my life.They were insistant that they wanted to visit me.I am in my forties,period. I made arrangements to organise a visit for them in my place of work in winter last year. We never realise how ineffective the testimonies of our lives are to others.I always thought I was doing a good job but mothers being what they are,see beyond everyone else. We live sad lives isolated socially,spiritually and physically.Even great missionaries in the past had solid prayer and social backing from their home church,but we have nothing,nothing at all.Our brokenness has reached such a level but we put on coloured lenses and live in castles of our own accepting some,rejecting some, according to the measures we make with our feeble find.We live defeated lives,I think atleast I do.I always wonder how the Lord sees it all. This year I thought I would invite my parents over.My sister told me naught.She told me that my mother wept all the way back from my place the last holidays she visited me. My parents are God-fearing parents and have lived sacrificially for us all their lives. She saw something perhaps I don't myself perceive. Lord open my eyes to see what it is and the courage and grace to make changes where necessary.