Saturday, September 26, 2009


The rhythem of the art

Dancing to the rhythem of the heart,

In serendipidity,

The world has a name for it-

They call it the master-piece.

I call it the Master’s piece-

Chanced upon by senses

Tuned to the rhythem……

The beauty,edification and the very lilt..

Paying tribute to the Maestro

From whom all of creation flows.

Friday, September 25, 2009

100th BLOG!!

This is my hundreth blog and what do I write on?
Joining back NJH is like putting my feet on the clouds-floating and drifting it seems.There is my work and perhaps the ministry of the mantle of leadership entrusted on me and yet time and again I wonder what I am doing here?Is this my life's calling I wonder because there still is a restlessness burried deep within .It surfaces now and then.
'One day at a time' has been my motto-most times when I have had my time with God I am fine but there are good days and bad.Sometimes the workload and the demands to be met...just keep piling on and drains the life out of is in those times ,I start wondering!
Reading ,yes reading !it is so hard to lay our hands on a good book now a days!Scouring through the bookshops one finds heaps and heaps of books ,put one on top of the other, most of which will qualify as the so-called 'time-pass' material.Even as I drag my feet to the bookshops I literally have to send a prayer up for that lifting ,stimulating and edifying book which might be lying somewhere unobtrusively in one corner of the shop gathering dust.When I pray I lay my hands on a copy that feeds me .Otherwise there are heaps and heaps of nonsense cycled out everyday .There is a huge market for nonsense so there goes a vicious cycle!-ask me I am one such sucker!
Yesterday we had our monthly chain-prayer-all the staffs taking time out of their schedule to be at the feet of the cross with thanksgiving and supplication-a pastor from Garhwa motor-cycled all the way to conduct the final worship and prayer session at seven.The call of the day was to come with trembling and fear at the feet of the cross-we had a restful day !Praise God.
The organisation is to go through a pay revision-the lord has been good to us -we will be one of the institutions who will be able to follow the executive order on the stipulated date and yet there is one predominant question in my mind-one hears of drought in the villages!Are we moving further away or nearer to the community we serve.I really have no answers for so many questions which keep popping up now and then!
God bless us and our daily walk with Him!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Grace has been the fruit of the spirit that has been on my mind the whole month-I was talking to a group of nursing students barely past their sixteenth year in the morning session of their bible studies.These are young kids from diverse background ,some catholics,some animists,a few protestants like myself.Even as they join the nursing school fresh from their villages one can often visualize bondages of various kinds reflected on their faces.
As they grow into the course and settle down they start looking wholesome ,neat and peaceful.These were the first years who had finished a year in the school.I wondered what they understood about this ‘fruit of the spirit’.
One of them shared about how God’s grace had enabled their father with a meager salary of two thousand rupees a month to educate and bring up a sturdy family of five children.She being the last but one ,was in the nursing course.The next kid broke down even as she shared about how God in His grace had saved and brought her mother through a most deadly disease.The third kid shared about how she had prayed hard that the Lord would change her father’s mind against sending her to boarding school and how her prayer had been answered.
Yes these were young kids but how often without realizing it I have short sold this fruit of the spirit myself.I have needed personal pain,absolute hopelessness …misery to understand and become aware of Grace operating in my life……unheeding the fact that the price has been paid on the Cross-and the Grace is mine to live and to share with the world this day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The other side !

The journey to NJH was an extended affair.I had a stop in Kolkotta-had a mind to visit the MOC but got lost in the nitty-gritties of Kolkotta -must have walked past Flurries for the sixth time .The area was flooded with a group of bank employees who were protesting against 'I don't know what' but slogans were amusing to listen to .One person reads out a page full of facts in benglish and a crowd repeats just the last word-it's real tough on the listener with the creaky mike,et al...
Only in Bengal will one find the slogan shouter sing songs like 'Bee shall obercoammm 'with a straight face-for a cause like pay-hike or whatever!
Sitting in the out-patients in Vellore one catches up very quickly on the fact that an average person from that area is indeed special.They don't have simple chest-pain-they have myocardial infarction!They don't have discomfort in their tummies ,they have Bhee coli and some Dr.Mukherjee ,the Dr Mukherjee from Howrah is supposed to have detected it some ten years back-do I know Dr mukherjee from Howrah???-!They do their homework before going on a yearly pilgrimage to places like CMC-so you have all the minute ailments right from the birth noted down in a typing paper which never seems to end ,especially when you are sixty !!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cardomom pods and half a mind!

Today I decided to help the worker's seperate the cardomom fruits from the pod.It can be a pretty meditative process.Each pod has around thirty fruits in them-it's a perfect division of labour as baskets are filled and they are taken away for air-drying before they go into a drier.One lady who actually is involved in the process is a case of chronic depression and a destitute but as she gets to work, the concentration is so intense and focussed I wondered if it was actually healing her.
My dad was overjoyed to see me take interest and took me through the entire process-theoretically as well as practically,giving me intricate tips which only experience brings with it.
I don't really know when these practical tips will come to use !-
The process itself was restful and healing.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random thoughts-for you Famsie!

My cousin's been talking to me about writing randomly so here i am without an agenda in hand typing away on my pc ....
It's been a day of hectic activity and concern ,seeing a dear aunt indisposed for bit and a wrecking head-ache that had descended on me on stepping into the portals of Ganktok ,the capital.My sister had some knick-knacks to buy and I had to cart it to Mangan in a hired car with the driver for company who talked non-stop about God knows what?I could just about be polite.
The moment I stepped into Mangan ,the ache was gone.My brother had a great time making cracks about my very devout christian uncle's home!Even my uncle had a good laugh over it.
On reaching home the news about Rajashekharan's disappearance seemed to have caught eveyone's attention.My brother-in- law ,a journalist was in the office doing over-time covering the news bit by bit.
My little neice in Delhi, who is barely ten, is going out of town for the first time for an excursion with her school mates to Punjab which includes a stint in Amritsar and perhaps the Wagha border.She is rung up her grand-parent's for the umpteenth time ,the last being from the taxi to the station-almost a vocal reminder to uphold her in prayers.
All of us are anxious naturally since it is her first step towards a bit of independance.Her mother,a wonderful mother is there gently plodding her forward -what a joy it is to be a part of this wonderful process of fledgelings stepping out of their comfort zone,.....
At home in Mangan ,my brother is busy drawing out plans for renovation and up-keeping of various heritage sites in the region-As for me I have my head buried deep into a book I am trying to make sense of -it was meant for my brother-'OUTLIERS' by Malcolm Gladwell-i am just borrowing it incase it puts some sense into me.
My eldest sister is magically appeared in the facebook along with her son,thanks to my neice!I immediately put her in my profile page .
In the mean-time my other sister's dug out an encyclopedia with the Sikkim history from one of the old libraries in gangtok,which seems to have laid out the role my father had played during the monarchy days and she is off and on the phone confirming the facts from my dad whose head is occupied otherwise by the cardamom harvesting and the construction workers from the site-he does have the energy even in the late seventies multi-tasking away.
But where is my mother???-she is everywhere making life a lot more easier for all of us so that we can continue to do what we are at, blissfully.
and ofcourse i was on the skype today chatting you and Monda up for sometime.
How's that for being spontanaeous!