Monday, July 27, 2009

Living it up the Mangan way!

Mangan is getting ready to celebrate the 15th of August.
My cousin an ex-beaurocrat observes rather sardonically-why does this place celebrate the occasion with such pomp?It's bigger than any festival.There are series of school putting up their annual performances ,there is the football tournament which starts a fortnight ahead.This year the stars of the tournament are couple of black players from clubs in Kolkotta who are representing some of the teams.
Every year we observe with increasing sense of amusement and wonder the workers ask for allowance to stitch new clothes for the occasion as well as ask for leave to attend the programmes.
Everyone is involved.There are the local gentries pushing each other beyond the rules of the game putting their best foot forward in the football and the basketball matches .We remember with a lot of fondness our dad and mom playing these matches when we were kids.Dad's nearing eighty but he doesn't miss the matches even now.
There is my cousin Monda trying out her dictions -she is the compere.
There are stalls gallore selling all types of cuisines-there is the official lunch and then there is the mangan-united(Man- united) team captained by my brother ,who every year lose the first match.The team comprises of fit,semi-fit and unfit locals sweating it out in the field to be part of the spirit of the game.My brother an avid and a star football player during his school days never seem to get enough of the game-but on the other hand he never gets enough of doing things for the common good.
Mangan is at it again body ,mind and soul celebrating life whether it be Mangan's very own annual woodstock, the country's independance or the environmental lobbying,there is no half ways here.
Vive la Mangan!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lingering thoughts and up-dates.

It’s good to be home.The familiar sounds of the morning and my mother’s voice excitedly waking us up with a warm cup of tea to be a part of the moment,the solar eclipse.My brother’s been all over the compound looking for the best view of the thing to come.Dad’s busy with his chicken even this early in the morning.Sherry,the tibetain apso looking like my puppy Bead in the foopets ,after a much needed hair-cut ,tilts his head ,whines and cuddles up to me.Monu,my mom’s girl Friday’s daughter is cooing in her crib.’Here it is’- my mom declares,beyond the over-cast skies suddenly it is night again.There is silence ,absolute silence , the nature is itself paying homage to this once in a life-time affair.

This is my mom ,always involved with wonder in every occasion in our lives.She was describing the two cobras who had been walking the grounds.They have been apparently flourishing and have become so sure of themselves that they walk around the garden bobbing their heads in utter abandon in stately walks regardless of the fact that human beings are around.

I love the mornings at home.Dad, having his quiet time on the verandah ,mom ,happy and relaxed taking her time out to be with her flowers-the hands, at it cleaning ,sweeping ,and snipping-my brother,with the tea in hand and the newspaper in the other ,walking around looking for that funny tryst that could very well haunt us for the rest of the day.I sip my Darjeeling in leisure,soaking it all ,just resting.

Yesterday my little neice received a phone-call from home in Sydney.she looked a little sad and pre-occupied so I asked her if everything was all right?Her nan apparently had been diagnosed to have ca of the tongue with lymph node involvement and needed a radical dissection.She would lose two-thirds of her tongue.

I have met nan briefly when I went to be with my sister when she was in Delhi..Nan,of the golden tongue,eloquent to the hilt-her conversation ,descriptive ,gripping and beautiful.You could listen to her language and expressions forever .It’s like reading and living a well-written book –rich ,classy and tasteful.She is eighty and has led a fruitful life and is so important a part of the three children’s life.How do you share their pain?I asked her if she had said her prayers-she said she had and she lay down to sleep.

The youngest in the mean-time had typed out –‘I will lie down and sleep in peace for you O Lord make me dwell in safety- Psalms 4:8. goodnight facebook!- in the net.

Praise God.

Friday, July 10, 2009

MANGAN-Yours truly!

Mangan,-'Mon'-'gaon' -,which means a place where people meet or a place where you should not be when a war strikes,is a quaint little town in Sikkim and yet so dear to many of our hearts.It's placed strategically in a valley between mountain and hills.This town ,where most people know each other and yet now when I go home I am a stranger amidst the kids who have grown up and the migrants who have settled in.
Just as you enter Mangan ,down below in the valley there is a red-roofed elephantine house that has always made many of our hearts beat faster,it was the place where I was born,it was the country homestead where all our town cousins used to congregate during the holidays-oh what memories I have of it!It was this place where all of us siblings wove our fantasies around the large antique mirror that hung on the wall-told each other fancy stories to dozen,hero-worshipped our elder sister,wrote soppy but innocent letters to our mother who was away for a short-while,narrated stories about our school life to our father who listened with rapt attention and an element of pride-it was also the place where my brother a bookworm literally had to be chased out of the house to play in the open-field,chased ponies to dozen in the paddy field,played bang-bang ,hide and seek amidst hay-stacks,watched the handy-men literally gulp down their meal after a long day at work, in fascination.Watched chitty and chatty ,the swan-ducks chase strangers away with indifference and watched Timmy,our alsation do acrobatics in the air with it's muscles rippling,but a 'gentle oh so gentle 'expression on her face.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

farewell MJ

Saw MJ's funeral on TV.Felt sad,sad,sad.Especially the final moment when they picked up the casket to exit-it felt like the show was over and the final curtains were down.
The funeral itself was touching made more so by so many christian songs sung.MJ on the retrospect, comes across as an extremely vulnerable and a fragile personality inspite of the heights of success he attained .When he was around-he seemed to be wacko-jacko,making news but barely registering in the recent past although he seemed to be everywhere during the 'thriller' days.His music was something else though.In his death he seems to be larger than life-farewell MJ-you packed quite a punch in life as in death!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Healing-an enigma!

I can see Jodie Foster mouth the words-You never recover!!you just become someone else-
this is a line from a hollywood flick-it is not the bible.
Do we actually recover from the incidents and accidents in our lives I wonder?
Life with all our tragedies and pain,
Life with all the sun-shine and rain.
How can something that has been only so real in our lives suddenly go back to being never was?
Does time heal?Is healing getting back to the absolute whole or is it just getting back a sense of balance?
Healing, assessed physically(def), is the process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repair to reduce the size of a damaged or nechrotic area.
This does not sound absolute does it?
Healing incorporates both the removal of necrotic tissue (demolition)-this might be easy, and the replacement of this tissue.
The replacement can happen in two ways:
by regeneration: the necrotic cells are replaced by the same tissue as was originally there-Do tissues ever remain the same??sounds impossible metaphorically.

by repair: injured tissue is replaced with scar tissue-sounds like Jodie foster was right after all!-Once again that is just a lesson from life some guy has worded-it is not the word of God!