Friday, April 29, 2016

In Christ alone...

Shanti Burman (name changed) had been advised hysterectomy by a gynaeclogist in the city for DUB but wanted it done in our hospital.She was an obese lady ,I was a little reluctant but anyways went ahead with it.
Needless to say it was a difficult hysterectomy.It felt like working in a well.
Halfway through there was a bladder injury but we repaired it and kept a catheter on .
I had to go for my annual leave.My junior for some reason removed the catheter.The senior sister ,when she came for rounds found her leaking urine so she immediately catheterised her.I was away for a fortnight so when I reached back she gave me the ominous news that the patient had developed VVF.I was greatly disturbed to hear this.However when I went for my prayer,a peace that passeth all understanding came over me.I continued to carry that peace with me even as we saw Shanti Burman through the dressing for her abdominal wound which was taking it's time healing each time we used to find her pad partially wet.
She was to keep the catheter for six weeks.
We all were praying for a supernatural healing for her .
One day I sent in this email.
Please pray victory and perfect healing for two patients I did an abdominal hysterectomy on.One of them has developed a vvf and we are waiting in faith for the Lord to heal her in the next three weeks.
Dr Chering.
I plain forgot about it.
On the evening of 5th April I happened to saunter into the hospital at around 11.30 PM and I saw a car standing outside the emergency.When I asked the chowkidaar if there was a patient he said it is just a patient  come for a catheter change.When I asked who ?,he said Shanti Burman.My antennae was up and I immediately went to the casualty.She was lying on the bed and she insisted we remove the catheter because she had no need for it.She had suddenly had a severe urge to micturate and the bladder had felt full.She had screamed in pain at home and had sat on the floor and had emptied her bladder inspite of the catheter.I checked her catheter,it was draining urine.I counselled her for bit,puzzled.Changed her catheter but she refused to put a pad.
Next morning I opened my mail I had received this mail.

Apr 6 at 3:22 AM
Dr Chering, we’re standing with you, we’re praying right now for your dear patients, for supernatural healing, for their good health, we are with you, we are praying now. 

Much love, 

Pastor Mike Faccuito

Kim Clement Center

From that day onwards we continued to thank the Lord for the miraculous healing.The lady seemed very firm in the fact that she did not need the pad or the catheter but we humbly requested her to keep the catheter on for six weeks.In the meantime staffs in different ways ministered to her and her son.
The day before yesterday we removed her catheter.There has been no complaint.We continue to thank the Lord for the victory ,restoration and healing that is there in Christ alone.

'Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.'Ephesians 3 vs 20.