Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Impractically practical!

Gulab Prasad ,a gentleman of around thirty years was pushed into the casualty,dehydrated,acidotic a known diabetic(IDDM off insulin for a week) in the raging heat of this year’s April.The GRBS was 540mg%.His gasses were haywire with a PH of 7.1 and bicarbonate was 4.2 with a base deficit of 19.8.Thankfully the lactate levels were normal and there was no feature of infection otherwise so probably non-compliance was the reason.He responded beautifully to the ketoacidosis treatment .The day he was to go home his wife pushed a couple of hundred rupees notes towards me to pay for the services rendered to her husband.In short there was no money to pay the bills.
Everything was stacked against this family.The breadwinner of the family had this debilitating disease which would milk them of what little they would earn.They had tided over this emergency,thanks to the providence of the generous friends from DVN ,our sincere staffs but most importantly the grace of God which alone has made it possible.
May the Lord give us the grace to release these services the Lord has given us freely to be used for His glory beyond our limited human control ,intellect and calculations.

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