Tuesday, July 10, 2007

But for the last laugh!

There are such a lot of things happening around the world.You only realise how much a part of it you are as you relate to people around you.In Sikkim ,for instance,the teesta valley project continues to be an issue around which people concerned ,unconcerned with agendas,with half an understanding of the issue comment and centre their life around the happening half-heartedly.Politicians are trying their best to cash on the event,some well-meaning people continue to comment,and toss the topic in their conversations .People who are going to be affected by the project have long since given away their land and would have collected their compensation.Suddenly out of the blue,after the project is more than half way through,we hear of people going on a hunger strike.Where were these kids in the initial days?They would have been just that kids and the chances are ,that they are only just beginning to understand the connotation of the whole humbug.Suddenly we see the national television broad-casting the issue at the prime time but the flavour is that of a Hamlet of what could have been-a tragedy!!!
Will we still wake up?There are other issues and more where our voices should be heard in time.How many of us are willing to let ourselves be heard above the din of compromises and personal comfort.