Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Egypt to Canaan

Dr.Raja requested me to see Meena since she had come down with flu and was not keeping well.She helps counsel psychiatry patients in Dr Raja's clnic.Her life is a testimony in itself.Her face and neck are burnt but her soulful eyes shine through to warm your heart.A survivor of several deliberate self harm attempts,reached out to by Paramjit's church,Raja and his wife have taken her under their wings.Even as I was examining her she suddenly blurted out that she had difficulty falling asleep at night and so finds getting up in the morning difficult.I asked her why and she told me that her memories of the old tormented her and the only time she feels at peace is when she counsels her patients ,but even after she does it she goes over what she has said and wonders time and again if she could have done it differently.
I sat with her deeply touched and started talking to her.I asked her if she had some christian music that she could listen to which could lull her to sleep,she said she just dropped her mobile in the water so it does not work anymore.Instinctively before I knew it I was in a counselling mode.
I gathered that she was in a 'Martha mode',not so much about what she was doing but had a lot of thoughts worrying her.I found myself suddenly asking her what the bible says about worrying and she quoted various verses.I was lead to Deutronomy 11-vs 10,11,12.I made her open the bible and read the verses in hindi and underline it.
Suddenly the verses made so much sense.All of us are actually in the same boat.She a destitute probably,attempted to end her life umpteen number of times,burnt physically,healed spiritually by the grace of God and myself with all my baggages and illusion that I have anything more then her are dependant and are, only by the grace of God.
We are all travellers in the same boat journeying from Egypt to Canaan.Some of us see the promised land and some continue to hold on to the illusion called Egypt......she had nothing to lose it seemed.....Jesus reprimending the rich young ruler suddenly made sense......we continue to hold on to the excuses that life brings our way to hold on to Egypt but the reality is that in a blink of an eye if the Lord wills he can turn those excuses to naught and show it for the illusion that it is!
May we learn to let go and let God.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cooking Hyderbadi Biryani and Tanish Khair!

I cooked full fledged hyderbadi biryani the other day and was fascinated by the perfectness of the recipes the khan mashas dish out ,tested -tried and amazingly accurate .
The recipes goes as such-
Mutton -1 Kg,
Rice-1 Kg,(par-boiled)
Three onions-deep fried,
Half a tablespoon of green chillies,
Half a tablespoon of saffron,
Half a tablespoon of green cardomom.
Four pieces of cloves,
A pinch of nutmeg,
 and mace,
Cinnamon -four small pieces'
Ginger garlic paste-one tablespoon,
Jeera-half a tablespoon(Cumin seeds),
one tablespoon of salt,
half a tablespoon of red chilli powder,
half a tablespoon of lime juice,
Three tablespoon of ghee.
Water-one cup.
Boiled egg for garnish.
Mix all the ingredients together with lamb in an appropriate utensil ,add the cup of water and cover it with the par-boiled rice.Cover the utensil and seal the cover all around with wheatflour doe to make sure that no steam escapes.
Put it on fire for twenty minutes and bingo! there you have a subtlely delicious hyderbadi biryani straight from the Khan masha's kitchen.Amazing how perfect the  result is.
Also finished reading a book by Tanish khair.
Liked a quote in it-'Did I tell you when I decided not to play piano professionally?One day I knew it was not for me.That was when my third grade piano teacher told me that I had  a perfect pitch.I knew then that I had no future in music.Perfection condemns you to glorious mediocrity.It is the gap in between your perfections ,honestly faced,and your desire for something beyond perfection that you can achieve genious.Perfect pitch,perfect life.....these are dead ends.'-Makes sense to me...I need to mull over this.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I don't know!

I am running around for my visa to the UK.Ashwin and Kenny who have joined me in the past one and half month have made my work negligible.I am therefore able to run around for my paper works.It looks like I will be out of the country by the end of the first week of September.By God's grace everything has meticulously fallen into place.
Now if you were to ask me why I am going to the UK,the frank answer would be 'I don't know'.
I am looking forward to the change of scene,hopefully I will allow the Lord to unload the immense muck  loaded on my person through conditioned living.
It has been a tremendous journey for me spiritually...and I walk on ....or do I?

Monday, August 13, 2012

The God who takes you at your word.

I have not met Mrs X for the past fifteen years ,somehow I connected with her in the facebook.She caught me unawares one afternoon and so we started chatting.I have fond memories of her as a great and unassuming missionary who used to brave the heat and dust of Bankura just to be with us .She used to climb the endless flight of stairs to a room which I shared with my two friends from Delhi out of choice even though as final years we used to get single seaters.Dressed in jeans shorts and tank tops to beat the Bankura heat ,our bohemian lifstyle used to raise quite a few eyebrows,not so Mrs X,she would be there drinking endless cups of tea brewed in the room heater,talking to us and just bonding with us.
I liked her.For some reason,I have always carried a warm memory of her. She was a bible-totting,practising ,hard-working missionary but when she was with us she became one of us ,always game for whatever we were up to.She made us feel comfortable and accepted us as we were.What a charecter it must take to let things be and yet impact us so much so that even after fifteen years she leaves a sweet fragrance behind.
Bless Mrs X and all the others who make those endless trips to reach out to the young people in the medical colleges .After fifteen years she tells me,they as a family still pray for us.
Brought back memories of Thomas who was a preacher in the local church.For some reason things did not work out so the support he used to get from the church stopped.He still had a family to raise so he started doing some woodwork in our place.Even while at his work ,his primary work remained to share the gospel.Not only did he bring some of his fellow carpenters to Christ he was constantly at it in our family quarters,talking to our helps.His primary vocation never changed.Thomas died in a bike accident while on one such missionary trip.He was broken for Christ.
At the end of the day it is not what I do for Christ but the inner work that He does in us that determines what the story of our lives are going to read.
To Him alone be all the glory who is more than able to make Thomas's out of frail vessels like us.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Living on the Edge!

Going through some transition of sort.For one I was home after quite a bit and managed to meet all my folks.The day I got back,got to meet some old friends...and it goes on.Just bid a junior from Landour goodbye .Was with me for a short visit.In the meantime,the gmc registration is come through and so I now am officially allowed to practise medicine in England.I should be running around next week for my visa.
Have been doing some extensive reading and have been rather pre-occupied with my own thoughts and with helping people with whatever.It never struck me how involved I was in it all ,till my friends in the out-patient very hesistantly blurted out one morning that I had changed ever since I had come from home.I stopped short with whatever I was doing and meticulously combed through whatever it was that they thought had changed in me.
The first in the list was that I did not eat breakfast with them(Read I did not eat their breakfast)..the reason being I have been put on a strict diet...thanks to the exclamation from my mother and my uncle as soon as they saw me!I had been on General motor diet and I was sticking to it.
Secondly,I wasn't talking as much and seem pre-occupied all the time.I could be because I do have several things running through my head at the same time.
Thirdly,not only am I pre-occupied,I am also having to talk a lot to myself these days,sometimes reasoning out,at times chiding myself ,reprimending myself ...
I borrowed a book from my dad...and so that is started me on a series of studying the disciples of Christ.Fascinating read especially the caricature of Simon Peter's life .
Bit about his wife's end time when she is led away to be crucified and his last words to her were a word of encouragement-'Remember the Lord!'
Amazing, considering where he started of and how tumultuos his journey was.Peter was crucified and Paul beheaded......and the list goes on..