Sunday, November 27, 2011

The man who wanted to see Jesus!

Zaccheaus was a classical example of a person tied around in knots ,in a bondage of sin and judgement.Someone who,so to say,would never qualify to be a friend of God.He was a short man in the physical sense.He was perhaps a doer.He wanted to see Jesus.It looked nigh impossible,being crowded out by the crowd who were all over.
The same nature that wanted to profit out of the situation he had been placed in by cheating his countrymen might have been the nature that brought salvation into his life.
He had to see Jesus and he found a way out to have a VIP view of him.He climbed a sycamore tree.There might have been hundreds of people with a normal height who would have missed having such a view of Jesus inspite of their obvious advantages.
Surprisingly Jesus stops below the tree where the man is standing and invites himself for dinner to his house.
Zacheous is eager inspite of the obvious disapproval from all the people around who hate him for what he has been.
When he comes out from the house he has changed his stance.Jesus had not just entered the house,he had also entered Zacheous' heart.It made him understand the worth of the Man who had come into his life.
Jesus himself declares,“Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham.For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our life-a river of compromises!".

The other day we had an EMFI meet at my place and one of our residents agreed to share the message.
He gave a lovely reminiscence of his childhood and drew a parallel into the current scenario in our lives.
He remembered his childhood days in Manipur where by the river-side he recollected playing in the beautiful pieces of land .With time as he grew up the river started changing course taking the path of least resistance,cutting through those landscapes till all that remains is the memory.The beautiful land is no more.It's gone forever.
Our lives are like that river crooked ,where we make similar mistakes taking a path of least resistance,compromising,till one day we look back and find that the beautiful places are no more.
He was stressing on the fact as to how we must take on the evil head on.
It deeply touched me for I guess that is what Christ meant when he said "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:"

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday.
I was in Rishikesh for the same.A strange way to spend a sunday,a birthday and a thanks-giving day,but I guess sometimes we believers need a shocker to sensitize our sleeping faith.
The place was a modern Ephesus.Everything existed around the temple and the deities.
The shops were selling things required to offer to the deities.The two suspension bridges built over the river Ganga had been conveniently named Ram and Laxman Jhula and it sells because it has become a tourist hub.The business starts right from the moment you set your feet on the bus-stand.I walked around,watching detatchedly the buying and selling going around just everywhere.Shops had come up to cater to the tourist taste,a german bakery...thai restaurants,italian fares mingled with the layers and layers of intricate temple wares.
In Ephesus,the deity was Diana.
My colleague asked me if there was a spirit of oppression around the place.
I did not find them much different from the modern day christians.
They are trying to survive in the way they think is right,profitting and jostling to make most of the situation.
Most of us believers including me have the same heart,bargaining,calculating,corrupt and doing things for our own gain in the name of the Most Holy Name,we bear.
Amidst that confusion of the the Ephesus city,Paul calls out to a small set of faithful believers from the prison in Rome...
Is the Lord Jesus calling out today to the believers in us to make a similar stand...the hope of his calling('To me to live is Christ and die is gain'),rooted and grounded in love and walking in power,submitting to each other in reverance to Christ..and ofcourse Ephesians 6.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Darchand has been on anti-tuberculosis drugs for the past fifteen months.
He has been regularly taking the drugs and is being followed up faithfully by Mukesh.Mukesh has been taking time out to share the gospel with him.Darchand has been regularly reading the Word and has been praying and has by God's grace found the Lord.
He was telling me about an incident on the train when one of the train assistants tried to loot him of his money.Darchand is a puny looking man.He was shaken to the core by the incident but he testified that he started praying and a strange peace came over him.
Today he came to collect his medicine and I was deeply touched to hear him excitedly talk about his walk with the Lord.The drugs had taken it's toll,he had a slight hearing problem and had developed some features of hypothyroidism but he has a shine on his face and he relates his symptoms to his reading the Bible which amazes me.He tells me that his vision is fine but when he is reading the Bible sometimes he has problem with far-vision.He has a younger brother who was perpetually bothering him but for sometime now he has stopped and he even asked to read the Bible and seemed to like it.He tells me that he tries to share the Word with his other family members but they call him mad.He wants them to have the peace and joy that he has.
He also told me that noone seems to have heard about Jesus in his area.He had been to an adjacent town for some work and found a place which had a cross on the roof-top and he wondered if he should venture the meantime he continues to search for another individual who might have heard of Jesus in his area.