Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday.
I was in Rishikesh for the same.A strange way to spend a sunday,a birthday and a thanks-giving day,but I guess sometimes we believers need a shocker to sensitize our sleeping faith.
The place was a modern Ephesus.Everything existed around the temple and the deities.
The shops were selling things required to offer to the deities.The two suspension bridges built over the river Ganga had been conveniently named Ram and Laxman Jhula and it sells because it has become a tourist hub.The business starts right from the moment you set your feet on the bus-stand.I walked around,watching detatchedly the buying and selling going around just everywhere.Shops had come up to cater to the tourist taste,a german bakery...thai restaurants,italian fares mingled with the layers and layers of intricate temple wares.
In Ephesus,the deity was Diana.
My colleague asked me if there was a spirit of oppression around the place.
I did not find them much different from the modern day christians.
They are trying to survive in the way they think is right,profitting and jostling to make most of the situation.
Most of us believers including me have the same heart,bargaining,calculating,corrupt and doing things for our own gain in the name of the Most Holy Name,we bear.
Amidst that confusion of the the Ephesus city,Paul calls out to a small set of faithful believers from the prison in Rome...
Is the Lord Jesus calling out today to the believers in us to make a similar stand...the hope of his calling('To me to live is Christ and die is gain'),rooted and grounded in love and walking in power,submitting to each other in reverance to Christ..and ofcourse Ephesians 6.

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