Monday, October 29, 2012

it suddenly strikes you that you have a long way to go.....!

I haven't been at my blog lately.Last week while talking to a patient who

had been reffered by the general practitioner,I was in for a slight shocker.A

side of me emerged which I had to literally fight against.I had spent a half

an hour or so talking to the patient,a consultant had come in and explained

things to her and then a third consultant came in and explained things

again,this time it was her regular consultant.I heard a sigh from the lady-

'There that was entirely simple and straight-forward and for the first time I

understand what is happening to me.'

It was a little unexpected and I found myself mentally withdrawing from the

patient,slightly shocked by her reaction and then I was taken aback by my

own reaction.

Here was a person having to struggle with a metastatic ca with end-stage

renal failure with parameters high enough to qualify for dialysis but

asymptomatic and it seemed almost in a state of denial and here was me

getting into my shell,so sensitively prickly over nothing but the truth that

she had stated.

It struck me that I had miles to go..........

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Today was a day of celebrating a ministry called 'Arise' in the church.It is a

ministry that caters to the youth  and children.One lady was called out to

pray and she testified about the ministry the youngster in the church were

doing.I believe the youngsters speak words of affirmation into other

lives,speak about Jesus to their friends ,take time to use their talents to raise

funds for the needy but most importantly she shared about a little child in

the church who was asked what she would like for christmas and she said

she would like a proper Bible.What she meant was till then she had to make

do with a children's bible.I was deeply touched even as we as a church

prayed for them.

Yesterday evening I was listening to Hillsong rendition of 'Hossana',there is

a line whch says "you will raise up a selfless generation....what breaks your

heart will break mine" ......amazing I thought.

I was thinking to myself the last week,that for a christian, persecution

should be to see the Lord's heart breaking and the endeavour should always

be to bring Him joy...that should simplify a lot of things for us.

Next time we stand back smugly to gloat at what we have achieved we

could very well put it in a scale to ask does it break the Lord's heart or does

it bring Him joy....or it does not fit into the scale at all!

We will know exactly where we are!

Friday, October 12, 2012

What a small God we serve!

I am well into the last week of my first month here.It has been quite a

journey.It is quite a strange feeling working in a situation where you are

working in an entirely new paraphenalia just getting used to the system and

the ways.It has been different.For one I am getting to know a side of

England I did not know existed although if one were to follow the history

closely one would expect it to be so.I got to know a new term this last

week.The term was 'evacuee'.This word has been mentioned so many times

in my interaction with people ,I was shocked by it at first.We have the

population who were the 'evacuees' of the two world wars.One gentle lady

told me that she was evacuated when she was five years old and noone ever

came back to collect her after the war was over.Another gentleman told me

that he was evacuated to Wales,he was eleven then and that is how he learnt

to speak Welsh.One would think they are the British and have lived an easy


When I just lay back and think this whole world war thing through,it all

seems so very ridiculous now,however when men lose reason they

completely lose it.A ninety eight year old lady asked me to pray for her

even as she was fighting her sky high sugar levels.When I asked her whom

should I pray to she says'God'.She told me in so many words,'Pray to your

God'.I told her my God was Jesus.She gently whispered'Same here'.I prayed

a short prayer even as I found myself reduced to felt so sweet and

wonderful to be able to pray together with someone who had seen more

than double of the life I had been through.One sees history unfolding every

day here.It runs deep.

One thing I have learnt during my short time here,no we are in no way hard

off.We have not suffered more,we are by no means the better people

because we have chosen to do what we are doing.We need to come off our

high horses and repent before God from the heart .When He comes

again we might be in for the biggest surprises of our lives.As it was

before ,He will find the pearls in 'what the world thinks as most unlikely of

places'.Forgive me Lord, for making you as small as my mind with it's

many fold perception is.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bought with a price.

Just come back from spending a restful week at my friend's place.

Shifted room yesterday to a better room which overlooks the green on the

outside.Went to the baptist church which seems to be where it should

be.The church was full and alive.

Today was the harvest day and it was celebrated accordingly with all the

proceeds going to a place which apparently is a home to many people both

orphans and not.

The history of the place goes that a small girl child was found to be alone

due to a mishap.An elderly lady who lived alone was requested by a

gentleman of means to provide for a home for her while he funded it and

that is how the home is said to have started .There was a special instructions

that the contribution brought be non-perishables,since all of it goes into the

storage to feed the borders throughout the year.The home apparently

survives on support from the churches around Essex.

The worship was lifting and the message was a matter of fact study of 1st

Cornithians,chapter 7.I walked to and from the church,under the bridge,over

the lawns,footpaths and the bright sunny morning.

I came back with a message in my heart,"you are not your own-you were

bought with a price ,you belong to Jesus."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bollywood trying to pump some sense into the mass.

Yesterday was friday.My friends invited me to accompany them to a

movie,a comedy called 'Oh my God'.It was in a predominantly Indian

settlement half an hours drive from the city of London.It was a bollywood

movie with Paresh Rawail .Supposedly a comedy,Paresh Rawail ,normally

carries a movie well on his shoulders.I liked the movie.

It was a satire directed against religion of any form.For a country like India

it was almost revolutionary.It infact challenges the audience to actually

think and make an informed choice.It denounces temples and any form of

rituals and even idols!!

It infact,challenges the audience to read the Holy scriptures and understand

it whether it be Gita,Bible or a Koran.It talks about becoming a friend of


I thought to myself-"It is atleast a step forward."

It ended with a quote from Gita which sounded like "You shall know the

truth and truth shall make you free"

I for one would like to say Amen to that.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"A God who never fails me."

This last week has been a restful time at my friend's place.

Her five year old Ojasvi,a tiny little lady,very british in her ways but an

only precious child has become my friend.Every morning before she goes to

 school and in the evening after she gets back,we play together.Reading to

each other,playing scrabbles,play-acting Rapunzel and whatever fancies

us.It's fascinating relating to a brit five year old.Apart from that I am
catching up with my friend from college days I am meeting after five years

during which she has given birth to Ojasvi,a much sought after child who

was born two months too soon,was in the NICU for two months or so and

now is a delightful five year old.

We have been having regular cooking sessions.We cooked momos

today,biryani-the hadi style yesterday and stir fry the day before.

During the day I have been getting my much loved time to just be.Not only

am I spending time doing some reading,basking in the sun,taking

photographs,discovering tree houses and doll's house but also am able to

spend time with the Word and listen to His leading which is as always  at

the point and amazing.

There were a few issueson my mind.One was about the tithe and

there were some pending issues I needed clarity for.

The spirit of the Lord led me through His

Word and people.

I go back to the campus on saturday morning.I need to get a few things

straightened before I join work on Monday for another three weeks of


I thank the Lord for His providence.He is a great God who takes care of our

every need.This week has been a week of spending time in the restfulness of

His presence.

I remember how faithful the Lord has been to the promise He gave me 

 in HCH on June 26th,he continues to be....

“I am for you,I love you,I believe in you.I will not fail you.I will provide for

you.I will bless you.I will give you rest.I will strengthen you.I will answer


This was in my blog of June 26th,"Life through the spirit."

My God never fails me.


My friend is a hindu.