Monday, October 29, 2012

it suddenly strikes you that you have a long way to go.....!

I haven't been at my blog lately.Last week while talking to a patient who

had been reffered by the general practitioner,I was in for a slight shocker.A

side of me emerged which I had to literally fight against.I had spent a half

an hour or so talking to the patient,a consultant had come in and explained

things to her and then a third consultant came in and explained things

again,this time it was her regular consultant.I heard a sigh from the lady-

'There that was entirely simple and straight-forward and for the first time I

understand what is happening to me.'

It was a little unexpected and I found myself mentally withdrawing from the

patient,slightly shocked by her reaction and then I was taken aback by my

own reaction.

Here was a person having to struggle with a metastatic ca with end-stage

renal failure with parameters high enough to qualify for dialysis but

asymptomatic and it seemed almost in a state of denial and here was me

getting into my shell,so sensitively prickly over nothing but the truth that

she had stated.

It struck me that I had miles to go..........

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