Sunday, October 14, 2012


Today was a day of celebrating a ministry called 'Arise' in the church.It is a

ministry that caters to the youth  and children.One lady was called out to

pray and she testified about the ministry the youngster in the church were

doing.I believe the youngsters speak words of affirmation into other

lives,speak about Jesus to their friends ,take time to use their talents to raise

funds for the needy but most importantly she shared about a little child in

the church who was asked what she would like for christmas and she said

she would like a proper Bible.What she meant was till then she had to make

do with a children's bible.I was deeply touched even as we as a church

prayed for them.

Yesterday evening I was listening to Hillsong rendition of 'Hossana',there is

a line whch says "you will raise up a selfless generation....what breaks your

heart will break mine" ......amazing I thought.

I was thinking to myself the last week,that for a christian, persecution

should be to see the Lord's heart breaking and the endeavour should always

be to bring Him joy...that should simplify a lot of things for us.

Next time we stand back smugly to gloat at what we have achieved we

could very well put it in a scale to ask does it break the Lord's heart or does

it bring Him joy....or it does not fit into the scale at all!

We will know exactly where we are!

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