Thursday, October 4, 2012

"A God who never fails me."

This last week has been a restful time at my friend's place.

Her five year old Ojasvi,a tiny little lady,very british in her ways but an

only precious child has become my friend.Every morning before she goes to

 school and in the evening after she gets back,we play together.Reading to

each other,playing scrabbles,play-acting Rapunzel and whatever fancies

us.It's fascinating relating to a brit five year old.Apart from that I am
catching up with my friend from college days I am meeting after five years

during which she has given birth to Ojasvi,a much sought after child who

was born two months too soon,was in the NICU for two months or so and

now is a delightful five year old.

We have been having regular cooking sessions.We cooked momos

today,biryani-the hadi style yesterday and stir fry the day before.

During the day I have been getting my much loved time to just be.Not only

am I spending time doing some reading,basking in the sun,taking

photographs,discovering tree houses and doll's house but also am able to

spend time with the Word and listen to His leading which is as always  at

the point and amazing.

There were a few issueson my mind.One was about the tithe and

there were some pending issues I needed clarity for.

The spirit of the Lord led me through His

Word and people.

I go back to the campus on saturday morning.I need to get a few things

straightened before I join work on Monday for another three weeks of


I thank the Lord for His providence.He is a great God who takes care of our

every need.This week has been a week of spending time in the restfulness of

His presence.

I remember how faithful the Lord has been to the promise He gave me 

 in HCH on June 26th,he continues to be....

“I am for you,I love you,I believe in you.I will not fail you.I will provide for

you.I will bless you.I will give you rest.I will strengthen you.I will answer


This was in my blog of June 26th,"Life through the spirit."

My God never fails me.


My friend is a hindu.


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