Saturday, December 7, 2013


I opened up my mail during lunch time to see a letter from the editor inviting us to write some article for 'Voice' and the topic was 'Incarnational presence' . My immediate thought was, ' there will be enough people contributing so I will let this pass'. I walked back to the OPD after lunch.

From a distance I saw Jessica cycling , I thought she had a small bundle at the back.

Beautiful Jessica smiled from the heart and waved at me even as she said , 'Welcome back to the campus, good to have you back. ' I waved at her and thanked her as she cycled past.

What I saw then will remain with me for a long time, I know.

It was 'little Adam' on her back on the cycle with her .

He had a cap on and with the two tiny hands, that miracle child was holding onto his mother's back 'firmly' even as he enjoyed the speed of the bicycle.

I stared long and hard at those tiny hands those tiny grip.

I stopped short in my walk . My soul lifted, my heart melted.

I felt an overwhelming presence of the Lord.

To me, that was a beautiful illustration of the incarnational presence we so often harp about , 'our un-selfconcious vulnerable grafted selves living a life of utter dependance on God'.

Thank you Lord Jesus for never giving up on me.

(Glossary-'Little Adam' was abandoned by his biological parents and received into Dr Rajah and Jessica's family .)