Tuesday, June 26, 2012

‘Life through the spirit’

It was a difficult Sunday.One of those days when things looked all uphill.The heat of the day was only beaten by the deep discouragement I felt within.I decided not to go to the church and wallowed in my room hiding behind a veil of confusion,fatigue,heart-ache and just sleeplessness.Normally when I miss the church I get an up-date from someone ,but none of my friends were around so there was no way I could get one.

The pastor had a discomfort in the chest after church so I struggled to the casualty and examined him.Prescribed some medicine and then returned to my room when suddenly a storm broke out.I got up to my window to look out at the fury of the storm.

Even as I looked out I cried out to the Lord, “Lord,I am feeling discouraged ,tired,it hurts and my faith is wavering,please give me a sign that you are with me.Will you break this tree in front of my house as a sign just to encourage me?”

Next moment there was a crackling sound and the biggest branch,the size of a full tree in itself  was sliced completely off the tree and lay across the road,immovable and huge.Even as I found myself weeping through the rain ,I knew there had been a spiritual breakthrough.I thanked the Lord for his Grace.When the storm was over four young guys came to haul the log and could not move it an inch.Ultimately,they had to cut it into pieces with a hack before they could move it to the side to clear the road. I watched it all with a joy in my heart.
In the evening I received this Christian newsletter in the email.

What struck me was the message caption-“God wants to tell you…”

So I immediately opened my mail and this is what it read-

“I am for you,I love you,I believe in you.I will not fail you.I will provide for you.I will bless you.I will give you rest.I will strengthen you.I will answer you.”

The next morning all the patients I had been struggling with, the entire week, and had been part of the reason for my discouragement were all healed….my papers had moved from the GMC……and the spirit had moved to change hearts….suddenly all of it did not matter….my heart sang,it was and has always been, between my God and me!.

Later,I came to know that the preaching that Sunday was on Roman’s 8, ‘Life through the spirit’.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Gift called 'vulnerability'!

Maghe Ram is eighteen but with a mental age of a five year old.He was brought to the casualty with hyperthermia and in severe respiratory distress.The moment I saw him I thought he looked familiar ,till it struck me that all patient's with Down's syndrome look the same.
His vulnerability brought with it a gift of compassion .Even as we tried to bring down his temperature and relieve him of the distress ,we decided to pray for him.
Alem prayed ,while I placed my hand on his head ,when we opened our eyes we saw tears in his eyes.Even as we blinked away our own tears ,we had a deep peace in our hearts.Next morning his fever was down and he was sitting up on his bed,his distress relieved.
Each time we come for rounds , my heart lifts up at the sight of him because these days there are  few things that make me cry........
I was thinking tomyself ,how precious are the vulnerable,they keep furrows of our heart dug and soft!

Friday, June 15, 2012

This week!

The last week has been overwhelming .With Sushil headed for Vellore,the bulk of the medicine load has left me 50% functional.Thanks to Alem who has been a big help.Yesterday a sardarjee was wheeled into the casualty with a history of snakebite in his last breath ,gasping .We resuscitated him and put him on the ventilator.To start with his pupils were dilated and fixed,half the relatives had a mind to put a stop to it all then.One educated youth decided to persist and go on with whatever we were doing.48 hrs later he is sitting on his bed and eating chapatti and subji whilst his brother who had sort of given up was emotional.His son who must be in his twenties worked as a nurses assistant all the while in the ICU,helping the sisters with everything and anything,I suppose a helpful person by nature.It was almost comical to hear the sardarjee grumble as soon as we had extubated him about how the whole day while he was on the ventilator he had asked for some water to drink and nonone had bothered to give it to him.Paramjit shared the gospel with him.
This morning Raja gave a beautiful sermon on adoption and inheritance alligning it with Baby Adam's story.
Life goes on in HCH,between patients,students,duties,RCP,GMC and the uncertainities of the lord's plan and will in our lives.
All the more better,it is during these times when we are out of our depths that we pray harder and we continue to pray till on prayer alone we live.
Thank you Lord!where would we be without the privellage to be able to come to you on our knees!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sweeter than honey!

Mrs S fell into my plate for counselling entirely by accident.Her daughter had consumed poison and was admitted in the ICU.Paramjeet our physiotherapist and a local pastor with a heart for evangelism happened to chance upon her crying.He requested me to talk to her.She seemed to be a mass of nerves.The wound of having lost her husband four years ago seemed very fresh and with three teenagers in a tow, life was not any easier for her.She seemed agitated ,upset,confused and absolutely hay-wire.
I started by listening to her even as she poured out her struggles amidst the chaos of the sobs....when she had finished I gently introduced a suggestion for her need to be stiil if she wanted her children to feel secure.One thing led to another and when I mentioned the name Jesus,suddenly her faced cleared ,for a moment she gained ground and full of joy she recounted how in her school days her friends had taken her along for fellowship and how she had been so much a part of it.With time the world,her marriage and everything else had taken precedence over it and she had forgotten all about it...
She had tasted the sweetness of Jesus.I gave her a gospel,overjoyed......my hardened heart melted by the fresh onslaught of the thing most beautiful!