Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Gift called 'vulnerability'!

Maghe Ram is eighteen but with a mental age of a five year old.He was brought to the casualty with hyperthermia and in severe respiratory distress.The moment I saw him I thought he looked familiar ,till it struck me that all patient's with Down's syndrome look the same.
His vulnerability brought with it a gift of compassion .Even as we tried to bring down his temperature and relieve him of the distress ,we decided to pray for him.
Alem prayed ,while I placed my hand on his head ,when we opened our eyes we saw tears in his eyes.Even as we blinked away our own tears ,we had a deep peace in our hearts.Next morning his fever was down and he was sitting up on his bed,his distress relieved.
Each time we come for rounds , my heart lifts up at the sight of him because these days there are  few things that make me cry........
I was thinking tomyself ,how precious are the vulnerable,they keep furrows of our heart dug and soft!

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