Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sweeter than honey!

Mrs S fell into my plate for counselling entirely by accident.Her daughter had consumed poison and was admitted in the ICU.Paramjeet our physiotherapist and a local pastor with a heart for evangelism happened to chance upon her crying.He requested me to talk to her.She seemed to be a mass of nerves.The wound of having lost her husband four years ago seemed very fresh and with three teenagers in a tow, life was not any easier for her.She seemed agitated ,upset,confused and absolutely hay-wire.
I started by listening to her even as she poured out her struggles amidst the chaos of the sobs....when she had finished I gently introduced a suggestion for her need to be stiil if she wanted her children to feel secure.One thing led to another and when I mentioned the name Jesus,suddenly her faced cleared ,for a moment she gained ground and full of joy she recounted how in her school days her friends had taken her along for fellowship and how she had been so much a part of it.With time the world,her marriage and everything else had taken precedence over it and she had forgotten all about it...
She had tasted the sweetness of Jesus.I gave her a gospel, hardened heart melted by the fresh onslaught of the thing most beautiful!

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