Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'There is time for everything under the sun..'

These past few days have been strangely hectic.
I have been trying to catch my breath in between cooking with the youngsters .
I move to Lakhnadown next month.The Lord has been good ,helping me along the way with my umpteen questions.
Was talking to a youngster even as I stirred my pot about life in general.Answering queries about my life and trying to understand hers and she came up with this statement..'Mam ,you are an institution in yourself.' Strange ,I thought.This was the second one this day.
One of my colleagues way-laid me today and asked me about the move.Out of the blue he suddenly said,'I told my wife that your going to Lakhnadown was like an army going there.'I just smiled and laughed away what he said.
It left me thoughtful about a lot of things.
What do I anticipate in the move ?Another colleague way-laid me and asked me ,'Are you sure you want to go?'Why what's wrong with Herbertpur?
I guess my anticipation is summarised in the answer I gave her, 'It is not about  'wanting to go', but rather  'it's time to go'.