Saturday, July 30, 2011


Travelled down to Dehra for the IELTES which is a part of the requirement for the Pulmonary Medicine training I am applying for.It was quite a trip trying to trace out the venue.Reached the place well an hour before time.The man who was coordinating the test had an extremely bad diction so it was tough trying to decipher the announcements over an average audio system.I have always had a fascination for english language so I enjoyed the test and the exercises involved.By quarter past four I was out of the venue and somehow managed to trace out the store Ango had taken me to some time back which has a collection of everthing one would need.I entered the store,the health freak side of me and all I coud see was calories,caffiene and packed food with it's unhealthy preservatives.There were my favouite brand of coffee but I have already given up on it some three months back.All I could dare to pick up was a brown bread which when I saw the que,i promptly dropped into the bread basket and proceeded to the bakery next door to pick up a fresher deal.
Needed some food in my stomach,had not eaten anything but a cheese roll early in the morning.Enterred the Mcdonald's found all my co-examinees crowding the place so I quietly slipped into Baskin Robbins next door and ordered a grilled vegetable sandwhich,which was delightful.Drove back to the hospital in a record time.
The night before I finished reading 'the Secret garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett,a classic from early 1900s.It made me cry,the sheer beauty of the novel and the writing.How many of us share secret gardens with the people we are close to? A sacred place to celebrate all that is pure,all that is true,a place that floods our lives with life,meaning,beauty,requires investment and becomes a reason for celebrating and living the life we have?A place which is protected,a place that is cherished and a place which is watered,planted,weeded .....and shared!
The secret garden ,is it Gethsemane??

Friday, July 29, 2011

Carry the Bible today and it will carry you tomorrow!!

Today we travelled down to Dehradun searching for a home for Babita.
We zeroed down on Nizaat,a christian home for de-addiction.The person who met us in the place happened to be an ex-EHA person.It felt reassuring to know that the place was chaired by Pastor Sam Thomas who has been visiting our church for sermons off and on.There were the threads every where,a pamphlet of CMC on the table...the brochure had a belonged to the Bethany trust and had the familiar picture of Lok Hospital and the Jeevan Sahara Kendra which has become so much a part of our lives through the prayer letters and our friends,the Eicher's.
Saurabh,the administrater interviewed Babita with a skill and ease of an expert and had the facts on the table in no time.Nizaat only entertained male housemates so,there was no way Babita could be housed there.
Pastor Sam Thomas directed us to Saurav who ultimately connected us to an ashram where an ex-addict had opened a home along with his wife where she could be taken in.It was overseen by Nizaat,where Nizaat staffs visited the place every week to check on the inmates.
We were given some directions and before long we were at a river bank in front of a dilapidated house with a lot of open space leading all the way to the river.A man who looked and was dressed exactly like Chanakya from Amar chitra Katha very kindly rolled out a mat for us and interviewed Babita....She was taken in.
Babita had been into real estate,had opened hotels at two different times and had even worked in a nursing home....somewhere along the way she had taken a wrong the counsellor was telling us,there were two issues to be discussed...the issue of 'the sin' at the root and then the issue of the addiction....
A thought struck could be anyone in Babita's place....!!
A line I heard in one of the taped sermons I have been hearing these days came back -"Carry the Bible today and it will carry you tomorrow!!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was called to the casualty by my colleague to manage a hysterical lady who had landed up in the casualty .Scantily dressed but well maintained Babita was a lady who seemed clearly in a mess with a cut wound in the hand .By the time I reached her she seems to be blabbering one two dozen of incoherrant words.
I sat with her for sometime trying to calm her down after which she sort of managed to express herself …there were accusations,an attempt to commit suicide,drugs,…but beyond that a desperate clinging to the name above all names.That had brought her stumbling to Lehmann Hospital…looking for some sort of acceptance which she called justice.
She had not eaten for four days and had not slept for she did not know how long.She was addicted to alprazolam and proxyvon..but at the moment she just needed some kind of acceptance.I talked to her,prayed with her and with Helen taking the initiative we decided to go searching for some kind of relative who could support her.She had been kicked out from her lodging place so she had nowhere to go.We traced out an uncle of hers who flatly refused to take her in..after a breezy night’s drive through the town we brought her back to the casualty.She barely ate any food..accepted some tea from time to time..ate a few morsals and then slept through the fortwin haze…….
The next morning Helen was out searching for a place for her in different homes in and around Dehra.Finally she settled matters with a secular home which was the only place which was willing to take her in.She flatly refused to go to any other place than a Christian one….She said she would prefer to go back to her now non-existant home.
Sitting down to talk to her about the facts of life as it stood then ,she finally agreed to stay in this place for a month after which she could be shifted to the missionaries of charity.
Tomorrow we take her down to Dehra…….
Brought to memory a lady I met in a metro in Delhi….seemed equally disturbed but was desperately clinging on to her mobile’s ear-phone listening to gospel music which was only too clearly audible to all of us……Yeshu naam me milti hai shifa….!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I miss my late cousin who died a year back often.I expect him to just materialise in the family get-togethers often forgetting he has long finished his journey here on earth.One reason why I miss him so much is his nature of engaging himself with us in ways in which people normally don't,almost demanding our attention and affection.One just could not ignore him.He was extremely sensitive,very intelligent and sharp.
I was never around the year he was very sick so I always remember him as a healthy,hopelessly funny,a step ahead of you older brother who always seem to know more about you than you reckoned.His favourite past time was ribbing the life out of me when we met.He sang the blues beautifully and loved the guitar....I never noticed the beautiful hands and fingers he had but as he lay on his death bed even as I held his hands ...he was at it still ribbing me even as he struggled with every word.I prayed,oh I prayed through the pain....
The fragility of the life we live struck me even as I attended his funeral.
Death seemed oh so near...and suddenly a lot of things did not matter....priorities became became what it was, a fleeting reality,here now ...gone next.....!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Strangely beautiful places but at a cost indeed!

Getting past the eccentricities of the net connection in HCH is a mountain in itself.One would think it would be easier in a well-connected place like this.
It's been a wierd month or so.
Have been in an entirely different realm and sometimes I wonder if I will get my feet on the ground ever?
Have been doing a study series on prophetic seers and on "lamentations".Also had the privellage to understand the song of Solomon better and realised what an immensely amazing work it is.I remember Dr Kuruvilla referring to it in his LRS from time to time.The desire to have that something more in God,the intimacy enough to be called not only His beloved but also His friend.
I have felt the need for some guidance in some spiritual matters for sometime now.
I have not really got the leading.The other day I accidentally stumbled into a crate full of old CDs in Mathew's place with this immensely rich collection .Anu emptied the crate literally into a paper bag and i am going through it in phases,apparently some old missionary in LCH had left it behind when they left the place.
There is this referance to Jacob's life once too often.About his meeting God face to face.The speaker talks about three conditions that fufilled the criteria for the meeting,right place.......something like the Jacob's ladder..places where the angels of the heavenly realm move up and down the ladder,he calls it Bethel....the speaker says there are places on earth where so to say Jacob's ladder exists..openings into the heavenly realm...
second was the person,but I forget what the referance was.....
In the meantime life continues in the earthly realm with all it's confusion,heart-breaking tragedies and struggles but with a resounding Hope that God is in control and he will bring out His perfect plan to completion!To him be all the Honour,Glory and Grace!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just getting back on my feet!!

My writing side seems to have gone on a sabbatical of sorts.The net's just about got back it's normal speed since yesterday night so now I can dare to put my thoughts on board.
Saturday last,I had the oppurtunity to venture out to Edenbagh with my rucksack on my back and Karuna for company to make a quick visit to one of the old staff's house .They were having a crisis of sorts.Had the oppurtunity to share some tough stuff with the way-ward son including an extempore run through Proverbs 10,which was entirely unintentional.The child responded and was at the church the next day.
On my way back was way-laid by a group of chattering young ladies one of whom broke away from the group and insisted i come home for tea.I was overjoyed to recognise one of the teenagers I had counselled and followed up post attempted deliberate self harm.
However did not have time in hand since I had promised to join in for a pot-luck in one of my colleague's house.
It warmed my heart to see her back on her feet with her friends,just enjoying the walk.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reminiscing and reiterating!

One thought that has been predominantly in my mind the fortnight is a strong statement Dr.K.O John made in one of the bible studies in the junior doctor's fellowship in ODC.By God's providence ,George philip,my colleague from Oddanchattram is around and he reiterated the same statement in the church last sunday.
The statement goes-'The Bible reads your life".
We go through life ,a lot of times trying to push people into reading the Word,which is necessary because unless we read the Word we do not have the blue-print but all the while live compromised lives according to our convenience.If the Bible were to read our lives I would fail miserably.
For one we do not believe in the Word.We think it is a plain manuel which tells us how to live our lives as far as moral lines are concerned,we forget in practise to accept it as the word Of the living God!
We know the Word inside out and have read it all our life through but when it comes to making decisions we make decisions in the light of the worldly parameters.
Guess what?There is news!-believing and making decisions based on the Word of God is the most practical thing but ofcourse our lives fall so short of what God intends us to be that we always feel the need to pull,push,hide....inorder to cover up our inadequacies.
May the Lord release us from this bondage of living short of the inheritance we have in Christ!