Monday, July 25, 2011


I miss my late cousin who died a year back often.I expect him to just materialise in the family get-togethers often forgetting he has long finished his journey here on earth.One reason why I miss him so much is his nature of engaging himself with us in ways in which people normally don't,almost demanding our attention and affection.One just could not ignore him.He was extremely sensitive,very intelligent and sharp.
I was never around the year he was very sick so I always remember him as a healthy,hopelessly funny,a step ahead of you older brother who always seem to know more about you than you reckoned.His favourite past time was ribbing the life out of me when we met.He sang the blues beautifully and loved the guitar....I never noticed the beautiful hands and fingers he had but as he lay on his death bed even as I held his hands ...he was at it still ribbing me even as he struggled with every word.I prayed,oh I prayed through the pain....
The fragility of the life we live struck me even as I attended his funeral.
Death seemed oh so near...and suddenly a lot of things did not matter....priorities became became what it was, a fleeting reality,here now ...gone next.....!

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Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Thanks for this reflection on your late cousin. The pain of loss continues. May our Lord who is the source of our comfort flow His comfort into your lives and the lives of your cousin's wife and daugthers. In prayers - the Eichers