Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was called to the casualty by my colleague to manage a hysterical lady who had landed up in the casualty .Scantily dressed but well maintained Babita was a lady who seemed clearly in a mess with a cut wound in the hand .By the time I reached her she seems to be blabbering one two dozen of incoherrant words.
I sat with her for sometime trying to calm her down after which she sort of managed to express herself …there were accusations,an attempt to commit suicide,drugs,…but beyond that a desperate clinging to the name above all names.That had brought her stumbling to Lehmann Hospital…looking for some sort of acceptance which she called justice.
She had not eaten for four days and had not slept for she did not know how long.She was addicted to alprazolam and proxyvon..but at the moment she just needed some kind of acceptance.I talked to her,prayed with her and with Helen taking the initiative we decided to go searching for some kind of relative who could support her.She had been kicked out from her lodging place so she had nowhere to go.We traced out an uncle of hers who flatly refused to take her in..after a breezy night’s drive through the town we brought her back to the casualty.She barely ate any food..accepted some tea from time to time..ate a few morsals and then slept through the fortwin haze…….
The next morning Helen was out searching for a place for her in different homes in and around Dehra.Finally she settled matters with a secular home which was the only place which was willing to take her in.She flatly refused to go to any other place than a Christian one….She said she would prefer to go back to her now non-existant home.
Sitting down to talk to her about the facts of life as it stood then ,she finally agreed to stay in this place for a month after which she could be shifted to the missionaries of charity.
Tomorrow we take her down to Dehra…….
Brought to memory a lady I met in a metro in Delhi….seemed equally disturbed but was desperately clinging on to her mobile’s ear-phone listening to gospel music which was only too clearly audible to all of us……Yeshu naam me milti hai shifa….!!

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