Saturday, July 23, 2011

Strangely beautiful places but at a cost indeed!

Getting past the eccentricities of the net connection in HCH is a mountain in itself.One would think it would be easier in a well-connected place like this.
It's been a wierd month or so.
Have been in an entirely different realm and sometimes I wonder if I will get my feet on the ground ever?
Have been doing a study series on prophetic seers and on "lamentations".Also had the privellage to understand the song of Solomon better and realised what an immensely amazing work it is.I remember Dr Kuruvilla referring to it in his LRS from time to time.The desire to have that something more in God,the intimacy enough to be called not only His beloved but also His friend.
I have felt the need for some guidance in some spiritual matters for sometime now.
I have not really got the leading.The other day I accidentally stumbled into a crate full of old CDs in Mathew's place with this immensely rich collection .Anu emptied the crate literally into a paper bag and i am going through it in phases,apparently some old missionary in LCH had left it behind when they left the place.
There is this referance to Jacob's life once too often.About his meeting God face to face.The speaker talks about three conditions that fufilled the criteria for the meeting,right place.......something like the Jacob's ladder..places where the angels of the heavenly realm move up and down the ladder,he calls it Bethel....the speaker says there are places on earth where so to say Jacob's ladder exists..openings into the heavenly realm...
second was the person,but I forget what the referance was.....
In the meantime life continues in the earthly realm with all it's confusion,heart-breaking tragedies and struggles but with a resounding Hope that God is in control and he will bring out His perfect plan to completion!To him be all the Honour,Glory and Grace!!

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