Saturday, July 30, 2011


Travelled down to Dehra for the IELTES which is a part of the requirement for the Pulmonary Medicine training I am applying for.It was quite a trip trying to trace out the venue.Reached the place well an hour before time.The man who was coordinating the test had an extremely bad diction so it was tough trying to decipher the announcements over an average audio system.I have always had a fascination for english language so I enjoyed the test and the exercises involved.By quarter past four I was out of the venue and somehow managed to trace out the store Ango had taken me to some time back which has a collection of everthing one would need.I entered the store,the health freak side of me and all I coud see was calories,caffiene and packed food with it's unhealthy preservatives.There were my favouite brand of coffee but I have already given up on it some three months back.All I could dare to pick up was a brown bread which when I saw the que,i promptly dropped into the bread basket and proceeded to the bakery next door to pick up a fresher deal.
Needed some food in my stomach,had not eaten anything but a cheese roll early in the morning.Enterred the Mcdonald's found all my co-examinees crowding the place so I quietly slipped into Baskin Robbins next door and ordered a grilled vegetable sandwhich,which was delightful.Drove back to the hospital in a record time.
The night before I finished reading 'the Secret garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett,a classic from early 1900s.It made me cry,the sheer beauty of the novel and the writing.How many of us share secret gardens with the people we are close to? A sacred place to celebrate all that is pure,all that is true,a place that floods our lives with life,meaning,beauty,requires investment and becomes a reason for celebrating and living the life we have?A place which is protected,a place that is cherished and a place which is watered,planted,weeded .....and shared!
The secret garden ,is it Gethsemane??

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