Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reminiscing and reiterating!

One thought that has been predominantly in my mind the fortnight is a strong statement Dr.K.O John made in one of the bible studies in the junior doctor's fellowship in ODC.By God's providence ,George philip,my colleague from Oddanchattram is around and he reiterated the same statement in the church last sunday.
The statement goes-'The Bible reads your life".
We go through life ,a lot of times trying to push people into reading the Word,which is necessary because unless we read the Word we do not have the blue-print but all the while live compromised lives according to our convenience.If the Bible were to read our lives I would fail miserably.
For one we do not believe in the Word.We think it is a plain manuel which tells us how to live our lives as far as moral lines are concerned,we forget in practise to accept it as the word Of the living God!
We know the Word inside out and have read it all our life through but when it comes to making decisions we make decisions in the light of the worldly parameters.
Guess what?There is news!-believing and making decisions based on the Word of God is the most practical thing but ofcourse our lives fall so short of what God intends us to be that we always feel the need to pull,push,hide....inorder to cover up our inadequacies.
May the Lord release us from this bondage of living short of the inheritance we have in Christ!

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