Friday, July 29, 2011

Carry the Bible today and it will carry you tomorrow!!

Today we travelled down to Dehradun searching for a home for Babita.
We zeroed down on Nizaat,a christian home for de-addiction.The person who met us in the place happened to be an ex-EHA person.It felt reassuring to know that the place was chaired by Pastor Sam Thomas who has been visiting our church for sermons off and on.There were the threads every where,a pamphlet of CMC on the table...the brochure had a belonged to the Bethany trust and had the familiar picture of Lok Hospital and the Jeevan Sahara Kendra which has become so much a part of our lives through the prayer letters and our friends,the Eicher's.
Saurabh,the administrater interviewed Babita with a skill and ease of an expert and had the facts on the table in no time.Nizaat only entertained male housemates so,there was no way Babita could be housed there.
Pastor Sam Thomas directed us to Saurav who ultimately connected us to an ashram where an ex-addict had opened a home along with his wife where she could be taken in.It was overseen by Nizaat,where Nizaat staffs visited the place every week to check on the inmates.
We were given some directions and before long we were at a river bank in front of a dilapidated house with a lot of open space leading all the way to the river.A man who looked and was dressed exactly like Chanakya from Amar chitra Katha very kindly rolled out a mat for us and interviewed Babita....She was taken in.
Babita had been into real estate,had opened hotels at two different times and had even worked in a nursing home....somewhere along the way she had taken a wrong the counsellor was telling us,there were two issues to be discussed...the issue of 'the sin' at the root and then the issue of the addiction....
A thought struck could be anyone in Babita's place....!!
A line I heard in one of the taped sermons I have been hearing these days came back -"Carry the Bible today and it will carry you tomorrow!!"

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