Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bought with a price.

Just come back from spending a restful week at my friend's place.

Shifted room yesterday to a better room which overlooks the green on the

outside.Went to the baptist church which seems to be where it should

be.The church was full and alive.

Today was the harvest day and it was celebrated accordingly with all the

proceeds going to a place which apparently is a home to many people both

orphans and not.

The history of the place goes that a small girl child was found to be alone

due to a mishap.An elderly lady who lived alone was requested by a

gentleman of means to provide for a home for her while he funded it and

that is how the home is said to have started .There was a special instructions

that the contribution brought be non-perishables,since all of it goes into the

storage to feed the borders throughout the year.The home apparently

survives on support from the churches around Essex.

The worship was lifting and the message was a matter of fact study of 1st

Cornithians,chapter 7.I walked to and from the church,under the bridge,over

the lawns,footpaths and the bright sunny morning.

I came back with a message in my heart,"you are not your own-you were

bought with a price ,you belong to Jesus."

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