Friday, October 12, 2012

What a small God we serve!

I am well into the last week of my first month here.It has been quite a

journey.It is quite a strange feeling working in a situation where you are

working in an entirely new paraphenalia just getting used to the system and

the ways.It has been different.For one I am getting to know a side of

England I did not know existed although if one were to follow the history

closely one would expect it to be so.I got to know a new term this last

week.The term was 'evacuee'.This word has been mentioned so many times

in my interaction with people ,I was shocked by it at first.We have the

population who were the 'evacuees' of the two world wars.One gentle lady

told me that she was evacuated when she was five years old and noone ever

came back to collect her after the war was over.Another gentleman told me

that he was evacuated to Wales,he was eleven then and that is how he learnt

to speak Welsh.One would think they are the British and have lived an easy


When I just lay back and think this whole world war thing through,it all

seems so very ridiculous now,however when men lose reason they

completely lose it.A ninety eight year old lady asked me to pray for her

even as she was fighting her sky high sugar levels.When I asked her whom

should I pray to she says'God'.She told me in so many words,'Pray to your

God'.I told her my God was Jesus.She gently whispered'Same here'.I prayed

a short prayer even as I found myself reduced to felt so sweet and

wonderful to be able to pray together with someone who had seen more

than double of the life I had been through.One sees history unfolding every

day here.It runs deep.

One thing I have learnt during my short time here,no we are in no way hard

off.We have not suffered more,we are by no means the better people

because we have chosen to do what we are doing.We need to come off our

high horses and repent before God from the heart .When He comes

again we might be in for the biggest surprises of our lives.As it was

before ,He will find the pearls in 'what the world thinks as most unlikely of

places'.Forgive me Lord, for making you as small as my mind with it's

many fold perception is.


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