Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bollywood trying to pump some sense into the mass.

Yesterday was friday.My friends invited me to accompany them to a

movie,a comedy called 'Oh my God'.It was in a predominantly Indian

settlement half an hours drive from the city of London.It was a bollywood

movie with Paresh Rawail .Supposedly a comedy,Paresh Rawail ,normally

carries a movie well on his shoulders.I liked the movie.

It was a satire directed against religion of any form.For a country like India

it was almost revolutionary.It infact challenges the audience to actually

think and make an informed choice.It denounces temples and any form of

rituals and even idols!!

It infact,challenges the audience to read the Holy scriptures and understand

it whether it be Gita,Bible or a Koran.It talks about becoming a friend of


I thought to myself-"It is atleast a step forward."

It ended with a quote from Gita which sounded like "You shall know the

truth and truth shall make you free"

I for one would like to say Amen to that.

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