Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Egypt to Canaan

Dr.Raja requested me to see Meena since she had come down with flu and was not keeping well.She helps counsel psychiatry patients in Dr Raja's clnic.Her life is a testimony in itself.Her face and neck are burnt but her soulful eyes shine through to warm your heart.A survivor of several deliberate self harm attempts,reached out to by Paramjit's church,Raja and his wife have taken her under their wings.Even as I was examining her she suddenly blurted out that she had difficulty falling asleep at night and so finds getting up in the morning difficult.I asked her why and she told me that her memories of the old tormented her and the only time she feels at peace is when she counsels her patients ,but even after she does it she goes over what she has said and wonders time and again if she could have done it differently.
I sat with her deeply touched and started talking to her.I asked her if she had some christian music that she could listen to which could lull her to sleep,she said she just dropped her mobile in the water so it does not work anymore.Instinctively before I knew it I was in a counselling mode.
I gathered that she was in a 'Martha mode',not so much about what she was doing but had a lot of thoughts worrying her.I found myself suddenly asking her what the bible says about worrying and she quoted various verses.I was lead to Deutronomy 11-vs 10,11,12.I made her open the bible and read the verses in hindi and underline it.
Suddenly the verses made so much sense.All of us are actually in the same boat.She a destitute probably,attempted to end her life umpteen number of times,burnt physically,healed spiritually by the grace of God and myself with all my baggages and illusion that I have anything more then her are dependant and are, only by the grace of God.
We are all travellers in the same boat journeying from Egypt to Canaan.Some of us see the promised land and some continue to hold on to the illusion called Egypt......she had nothing to lose it seemed.....Jesus reprimending the rich young ruler suddenly made sense......we continue to hold on to the excuses that life brings our way to hold on to Egypt but the reality is that in a blink of an eye if the Lord wills he can turn those excuses to naught and show it for the illusion that it is!
May we learn to let go and let God.

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