Sunday, August 5, 2012

Living on the Edge!

Going through some transition of sort.For one I was home after quite a bit and managed to meet all my folks.The day I got back,got to meet some old friends...and it goes on.Just bid a junior from Landour goodbye .Was with me for a short visit.In the meantime,the gmc registration is come through and so I now am officially allowed to practise medicine in England.I should be running around next week for my visa.
Have been doing some extensive reading and have been rather pre-occupied with my own thoughts and with helping people with whatever.It never struck me how involved I was in it all ,till my friends in the out-patient very hesistantly blurted out one morning that I had changed ever since I had come from home.I stopped short with whatever I was doing and meticulously combed through whatever it was that they thought had changed in me.
The first in the list was that I did not eat breakfast with them(Read I did not eat their breakfast)..the reason being I have been put on a strict diet...thanks to the exclamation from my mother and my uncle as soon as they saw me!I had been on General motor diet and I was sticking to it.
Secondly,I wasn't talking as much and seem pre-occupied all the time.I could be because I do have several things running through my head at the same time.
Thirdly,not only am I pre-occupied,I am also having to talk a lot to myself these days,sometimes reasoning out,at times chiding myself ,reprimending myself ...
I borrowed a book from my dad...and so that is started me on a series of studying the disciples of Christ.Fascinating read especially the caricature of Simon Peter's life .
Bit about his wife's end time when she is led away to be crucified and his last words to her were a word of encouragement-'Remember the Lord!'
Amazing, considering where he started of and how tumultuos his journey was.Peter was crucified and Paul beheaded......and the list goes on..

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