Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cooking Hyderbadi Biryani and Tanish Khair!

I cooked full fledged hyderbadi biryani the other day and was fascinated by the perfectness of the recipes the khan mashas dish out ,tested -tried and amazingly accurate .
The recipes goes as such-
Mutton -1 Kg,
Rice-1 Kg,(par-boiled)
Three onions-deep fried,
Half a tablespoon of green chillies,
Half a tablespoon of saffron,
Half a tablespoon of green cardomom.
Four pieces of cloves,
A pinch of nutmeg,
 and mace,
Cinnamon -four small pieces'
Ginger garlic paste-one tablespoon,
Jeera-half a tablespoon(Cumin seeds),
one tablespoon of salt,
half a tablespoon of red chilli powder,
half a tablespoon of lime juice,
Three tablespoon of ghee.
Water-one cup.
Boiled egg for garnish.
Mix all the ingredients together with lamb in an appropriate utensil ,add the cup of water and cover it with the par-boiled rice.Cover the utensil and seal the cover all around with wheatflour doe to make sure that no steam escapes.
Put it on fire for twenty minutes and bingo! there you have a subtlely delicious hyderbadi biryani straight from the Khan masha's kitchen.Amazing how perfect the  result is.
Also finished reading a book by Tanish khair.
Liked a quote in it-'Did I tell you when I decided not to play piano professionally?One day I knew it was not for me.That was when my third grade piano teacher told me that I had  a perfect pitch.I knew then that I had no future in music.Perfection condemns you to glorious mediocrity.It is the gap in between your perfections ,honestly faced,and your desire for something beyond perfection that you can achieve genious.Perfect pitch,perfect life.....these are dead ends.'-Makes sense to me...I need to mull over this.

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