Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The subtle shift!

A lady is in labour with all the usual fuss that goes on when it is a primae.The whole family has descended upon us and even old stalwarts are unable to bear the young lady's pain.She has been at it the whole morning.There is hardly two finger dilatation since six in the morning and it is going to be four in the evening  now.In between we decided to induce her but the uterus did not buzz.By four I asked Divya to asses because she had seen her the first thing in the morning.
We decided we would need to post her for caeserian section.Divya graciously offered to get into the OT.When the bell rang calling the sister on duty to collect the baby ,I just peeped into the OT to see if all was well.I found myself peeping under the cloth to see the gender of the child.It was a male child.Sweet relief flooded my being.
The relatives were waiting for the child and as soon as they saw me they asked,'what child is it?'.As always I refrained from mouthing it and asked them to hold the baby.Suddenly the stress which had been in the air dissappeared and there were smiles all around .A replica of the sweet relief I had felt.
I walked back to the OPD and thought deep into the relief I had bought into.Why had it been there?
It was a hot weather.The relatives were all over us the whole morning.There was a subtle aggression in the air but the gender of the child had swept away all the misgivings and anxiety.The relatives were all smiles and it was easier all around.
This is how subtle shifts take place!

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