Monday, April 11, 2016

The India where we live.

Early morning round of Sirmangni and Lakhnadon,visiting the palliative care patients open our eyes to various things that go on around us.We were met with the sight of village people standing in a que to collect water from the tanks in the lorry.Further we went into the village we saw bullock carts carting water in drums from hand pumps.Our boys tell us that the water is shared in the villages according to how many containers one can produce.
We reached Sirmangni and ask a gentleman standing by the roadside about the whereabouts of our patient.The first question he asked us was  ‘what is his cast? .’When we told him his second name he directed to us to a cluster ,a distance away ,from where he stood.A cemented road took us to a cluster of houses and we traced our patient who was away in the field already and so I guess was doing fine.Apparently he had this habit of walking to the field every morning.
Two hard truths hit me.
1)There is gross water scarcity in the area and for the villagers it is a way of life ,they have learnt to live with.
2)The second reality is that caste system in India is not going anywhere very soon in the future..
Just the other day we were reading about how India has surged ahead of China in the rate of economic
growth but for the rural poor the same vicious cycle of drought,debt,migration,subsistence,sickness and hard life is the reality.Will we ever see a dawn somewhere?

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