Wednesday, April 6, 2016

'For in him we live and move and have our being.'(Acts17:28)

So much has happened in the past one month.I was home for a fortnight.Had the oppurtunity to host Pradeep,Arpita and their lovely brood for the holidays.Went up to the mountains,had altitude sickness.Roamed the ins and outs of the Mangan houses with my cousin and my brother.Travelled to Sila and watched the India -west Indies match in a hotel room.
Boarded the midnight train to Jabalpur.Hit the hospital,de-luggaged and headed back to Jabalpur to pick up Marleis from the airport.Amazing to note just how many tourists from Netherlands were travelling to Jabalpur.Marleis hosted me and a friend during the ICMDA conference in 2014.We had been planning this trip forever.We stocked up on fresh fruits,juices,baked items and headed for the marble city or Behairaghat as it is popularly known.We enjoyed the boating but more so the running poetic commentary by the boatman and his companion.The marble rock in places were quite breath-taking.The next destination was dhua-dhar which in itself was beautiful but we had to cut short our visit because Marleis's height and her colour was attracting unwanted attraction.Walking up the hill to where our car was parked at 39 degree was a surreal experience.I developed a tan of sorts.Drive back to the hospital was relaxing.
Next two days just flitted by in getting back to work,tying the loose ends of the various upgradation work done during my absence.
Now we have a centralised O2 and suction,ABG machine,Multiparae monitor with ETCO2,Defibrillator,Infusion pumps.C2 hamilton ventilator is on it's way and the radiant warmers should be with us anytime.We are installing strategic places.Last year ,ths time we were struggling to build the basic ACU structure.We are grateful to God for all the grace.
We are also developing the vocational training centre.Nine sewing machines have been assembled together.We have resource people who are also adept in embroidary.We hope to start engaging with the ladies around soon.
I handed Marleis over to Bertha for the Bhopal side of the trip one early morning in Jabalpur.Prateik had invited me for breakfast but I had to come back for work so excused myself..The weather is not getting any cooler.This morning was the World health day and so to commemerate it we ran a marathon with a world health day banner at six in the morning.We also bid our gooddbyes to Rao and family.We have the UESI youth camp starting tomorrow for the next two days.
Life goes on in a pace of its own ,we are grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for every blessing for 'For in him we live and move and have our being.'(Acts17:28)

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