Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lingering thoughts and up-dates.

It’s good to be home.The familiar sounds of the morning and my mother’s voice excitedly waking us up with a warm cup of tea to be a part of the moment,the solar eclipse.My brother’s been all over the compound looking for the best view of the thing to come.Dad’s busy with his chicken even this early in the morning.Sherry,the tibetain apso looking like my puppy Bead in the foopets ,after a much needed hair-cut ,tilts his head ,whines and cuddles up to me.Monu,my mom’s girl Friday’s daughter is cooing in her crib.’Here it is’- my mom declares,beyond the over-cast skies suddenly it is night again.There is silence ,absolute silence , the nature is itself paying homage to this once in a life-time affair.

This is my mom ,always involved with wonder in every occasion in our lives.She was describing the two cobras who had been walking the grounds.They have been apparently flourishing and have become so sure of themselves that they walk around the garden bobbing their heads in utter abandon in stately walks regardless of the fact that human beings are around.

I love the mornings at home.Dad, having his quiet time on the verandah ,mom ,happy and relaxed taking her time out to be with her flowers-the hands, at it cleaning ,sweeping ,and snipping-my brother,with the tea in hand and the newspaper in the other ,walking around looking for that funny tryst that could very well haunt us for the rest of the day.I sip my Darjeeling in leisure,soaking it all ,just resting.

Yesterday my little neice received a phone-call from home in Sydney.she looked a little sad and pre-occupied so I asked her if everything was all right?Her nan apparently had been diagnosed to have ca of the tongue with lymph node involvement and needed a radical dissection.She would lose two-thirds of her tongue.

I have met nan briefly when I went to be with my sister when she was in Delhi..Nan,of the golden tongue,eloquent to the hilt-her conversation ,descriptive ,gripping and beautiful.You could listen to her language and expressions forever .It’s like reading and living a well-written book –rich ,classy and tasteful.She is eighty and has led a fruitful life and is so important a part of the three children’s life.How do you share their pain?I asked her if she had said her prayers-she said she had and she lay down to sleep.

The youngest in the mean-time had typed out –‘I will lie down and sleep in peace for you O Lord make me dwell in safety- Psalms 4:8. goodnight facebook!- in the net.

Praise God.

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