Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Grace has been the fruit of the spirit that has been on my mind the whole month-I was talking to a group of nursing students barely past their sixteenth year in the morning session of their bible studies.These are young kids from diverse background ,some catholics,some animists,a few protestants like myself.Even as they join the nursing school fresh from their villages one can often visualize bondages of various kinds reflected on their faces.
As they grow into the course and settle down they start looking wholesome ,neat and peaceful.These were the first years who had finished a year in the school.I wondered what they understood about this ‘fruit of the spirit’.
One of them shared about how God’s grace had enabled their father with a meager salary of two thousand rupees a month to educate and bring up a sturdy family of five children.She being the last but one ,was in the nursing course.The next kid broke down even as she shared about how God in His grace had saved and brought her mother through a most deadly disease.The third kid shared about how she had prayed hard that the Lord would change her father’s mind against sending her to boarding school and how her prayer had been answered.
Yes these were young kids but how often without realizing it I have short sold this fruit of the spirit myself.I have needed personal pain,absolute hopelessness …misery to understand and become aware of Grace operating in my life……unheeding the fact that the price has been paid on the Cross-and the Grace is mine to live and to share with the world this day.

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