Friday, September 25, 2009

100th BLOG!!

This is my hundreth blog and what do I write on?
Joining back NJH is like putting my feet on the clouds-floating and drifting it seems.There is my work and perhaps the ministry of the mantle of leadership entrusted on me and yet time and again I wonder what I am doing here?Is this my life's calling I wonder because there still is a restlessness burried deep within .It surfaces now and then.
'One day at a time' has been my motto-most times when I have had my time with God I am fine but there are good days and bad.Sometimes the workload and the demands to be met...just keep piling on and drains the life out of is in those times ,I start wondering!
Reading ,yes reading !it is so hard to lay our hands on a good book now a days!Scouring through the bookshops one finds heaps and heaps of books ,put one on top of the other, most of which will qualify as the so-called 'time-pass' material.Even as I drag my feet to the bookshops I literally have to send a prayer up for that lifting ,stimulating and edifying book which might be lying somewhere unobtrusively in one corner of the shop gathering dust.When I pray I lay my hands on a copy that feeds me .Otherwise there are heaps and heaps of nonsense cycled out everyday .There is a huge market for nonsense so there goes a vicious cycle!-ask me I am one such sucker!
Yesterday we had our monthly chain-prayer-all the staffs taking time out of their schedule to be at the feet of the cross with thanksgiving and supplication-a pastor from Garhwa motor-cycled all the way to conduct the final worship and prayer session at seven.The call of the day was to come with trembling and fear at the feet of the cross-we had a restful day !Praise God.
The organisation is to go through a pay revision-the lord has been good to us -we will be one of the institutions who will be able to follow the executive order on the stipulated date and yet there is one predominant question in my mind-one hears of drought in the villages!Are we moving further away or nearer to the community we serve.I really have no answers for so many questions which keep popping up now and then!
God bless us and our daily walk with Him!

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