Friday, September 18, 2009

The other side !

The journey to NJH was an extended affair.I had a stop in Kolkotta-had a mind to visit the MOC but got lost in the nitty-gritties of Kolkotta -must have walked past Flurries for the sixth time .The area was flooded with a group of bank employees who were protesting against 'I don't know what' but slogans were amusing to listen to .One person reads out a page full of facts in benglish and a crowd repeats just the last word-it's real tough on the listener with the creaky mike,et al...
Only in Bengal will one find the slogan shouter sing songs like 'Bee shall obercoammm 'with a straight face-for a cause like pay-hike or whatever!
Sitting in the out-patients in Vellore one catches up very quickly on the fact that an average person from that area is indeed special.They don't have simple chest-pain-they have myocardial infarction!They don't have discomfort in their tummies ,they have Bhee coli and some Dr.Mukherjee ,the Dr Mukherjee from Howrah is supposed to have detected it some ten years back-do I know Dr mukherjee from Howrah???-!They do their homework before going on a yearly pilgrimage to places like CMC-so you have all the minute ailments right from the birth noted down in a typing paper which never seems to end ,especially when you are sixty !!

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