Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random thoughts-for you Famsie!

My cousin's been talking to me about writing randomly so here i am without an agenda in hand typing away on my pc ....
It's been a day of hectic activity and concern ,seeing a dear aunt indisposed for bit and a wrecking head-ache that had descended on me on stepping into the portals of Ganktok ,the capital.My sister had some knick-knacks to buy and I had to cart it to Mangan in a hired car with the driver for company who talked non-stop about God knows what?I could just about be polite.
The moment I stepped into Mangan ,the ache was gone.My brother had a great time making cracks about my very devout christian uncle's home!Even my uncle had a good laugh over it.
On reaching home the news about Rajashekharan's disappearance seemed to have caught eveyone's attention.My brother-in- law ,a journalist was in the office doing over-time covering the news bit by bit.
My little neice in Delhi, who is barely ten, is going out of town for the first time for an excursion with her school mates to Punjab which includes a stint in Amritsar and perhaps the Wagha border.She is rung up her grand-parent's for the umpteenth time ,the last being from the taxi to the station-almost a vocal reminder to uphold her in prayers.
All of us are anxious naturally since it is her first step towards a bit of independance.Her mother,a wonderful mother is there gently plodding her forward -what a joy it is to be a part of this wonderful process of fledgelings stepping out of their comfort zone,.....
At home in Mangan ,my brother is busy drawing out plans for renovation and up-keeping of various heritage sites in the region-As for me I have my head buried deep into a book I am trying to make sense of -it was meant for my brother-'OUTLIERS' by Malcolm Gladwell-i am just borrowing it incase it puts some sense into me.
My eldest sister is magically appeared in the facebook along with her son,thanks to my neice!I immediately put her in my profile page .
In the mean-time my other sister's dug out an encyclopedia with the Sikkim history from one of the old libraries in gangtok,which seems to have laid out the role my father had played during the monarchy days and she is off and on the phone confirming the facts from my dad whose head is occupied otherwise by the cardamom harvesting and the construction workers from the site-he does have the energy even in the late seventies multi-tasking away.
But where is my mother???-she is everywhere making life a lot more easier for all of us so that we can continue to do what we are at, blissfully.
and ofcourse i was on the skype today chatting you and Monda up for sometime.
How's that for being spontanaeous!

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