Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cardomom pods and half a mind!

Today I decided to help the worker's seperate the cardomom fruits from the pod.It can be a pretty meditative process.Each pod has around thirty fruits in them-it's a perfect division of labour as baskets are filled and they are taken away for air-drying before they go into a drier.One lady who actually is involved in the process is a case of chronic depression and a destitute but as she gets to work, the concentration is so intense and focussed I wondered if it was actually healing her.
My dad was overjoyed to see me take interest and took me through the entire process-theoretically as well as practically,giving me intricate tips which only experience brings with it.
I don't really know when these practical tips will come to use !-
The process itself was restful and healing.

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