Friday, January 16, 2015

ABC..tumbledown D

I tumbled down from a height of around 3 feet from the ground on my head today.By God's grace some one broke the full impact of the fall trying to hold me back so that saved my neck from breaking so now I have a sprained neck and a shoulder for a few days. Had a busy night trying to resuscitate a patient of brain-stem bleed with a tracheostomy tube who had most probably developed a nosocomial pneumonia-I did not hold much hope for him but strange things happen here as limited as the facilities are.He was breathing better and his temperature had considerably come down.We had to knock doors of the local pharmaccies and managed to get some leincomycin,we had amikacin and pip-taz with us. Sanish is back so I have the luxury of having someone to take the call at night. Tomorrow I have a hysterectomy posted at eight in the morning.Hopefully my neck and my shoulder will relax with the analgesic to allow me to do the surgery uninterrupted. I have also intrestingly been analysing the stats and demographic profile of all the patients and services we have provided in the past nine months and it is throwing up some pretty interesting results.Analysing datas clear a lot of notions one entertains otherwise. I was of the impression that I was seeing mostly surgical and obstetric cases but the datas made me realise how wrong I was.I was seeing five times more medicine patients than all other specialities but the other specialities being out of my comfort zone seems to occupy more of my thought life. I just love this part.I got a map of the local area and mapped out our catchment area as well.I was doing exactly that today when I fell down, I was excitedly confirming certain facts from the community health staffs who had sauntered into my out-patient. In the meantime a local fellow wanted his wife's delivary to take place in our hospital but he had insured the cord blood for preservation in a lab in Chennai for the next twenty years.He came with the kit et al.This is a new one for our humble hospital but we are going ahead with it.

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