Sunday, January 18, 2015


The other day one gentleman whose old mother had had hysterectomy a month earlier landed up in my OPD with another woman who had been advised hysterectomy by an obstetrician in the city.We decided to post her the next day ,when he enquired if he could get his mother over for a review although he stressed that she had no problem whatsoever. I said yes.He was amongst others, a spectater to my great fall in the OPD so anticipating I would not be too well the next day he brought his mother a day later.This elderly lady with joy all over her face entered my OPD.I went through the checklist with her and everything seemed to be in place when she gently reminded me that she had had this unresolved PUO forever prior to her treatment here.Suddenly everything came flooding back. Every day of my life I see so much of God's grace that sometimes I need gentle reminders like this to remember all of them. This particular family had had a bad experience in the past in the hospital.It had built up to a major man-handling of an earlier doctor.So when they decided to do the surgery here some of the staffs discretely warned me that they were difficult people,so we were treading carefully. The surgery went off successfully but this lady had a depressed look post surgery and continued to have this low-grade fever. On the seventh post-operative day when we went in to see her she was lying in the bed weeping.I was immedaitely alert and asked her the reason and then she told me.She had had this spike of fever for more than six months ,she had been investigated extensively for it and nothing had come of it and she had been hoping after surgery she would be healed of it,but she was still getting the low-grade fever. Suddenly my heart was filled with extraordinary compassion,which sometimes you know is from God . I called the nurses ,we surrounded her and asked her permission to pray for her.She agreed and pray we did. Next day when I went for rounds it was a different woman in the bed.She was afebrile,smiling and giving glory to God near other patients. We discharged a healed woman and soon forgot about her till she reminded me gently today.Yes the Lord had healed her like he has healed very many in difficult circumstances.We had forgotten fickle as we are .

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