Saturday, January 24, 2015

To all perfection I see a limit but your precepts are boundless!

Anita was brought to us by a local family .They were relatively well off and was being looked after by a lady doctor during her ante-natal period.One morning she perceived decreased foetal movement.Just a week short of her expected date of delivery she went to the doctor and was told that the baby had passed away in the womb.
Her husband and a paraphenalia of around twenty people came to us for the termination of her pregnancy with her USG report.

We induced her and we waited.Since she was a primae we anticipated a longer haul but at the end of 24hours she was only 6cms dilated so the the bystanders insisted we do a caeserian section and take the dead baby out.
We took her in to the operation theatre with a heavy heart.A dead male baby over three kilos in weight was delivered.I felt extremely sad and beaten at the end of it.
As soon as she was out of the ketamine haze ,she asked-'Where am I?'.
We told her she was in the mission hospital.

'Oh I was really going places..' she said.
'Where?'-one of the staffs asked, just to humour her .
I was deeply taken aback by the reply she gave us.
'Jesus Christ was holding my hand and taking me through a garden full of beautiful flowers.It was so beautiful ,why did I have to come back?'She said.
She was a hindu,period.

I have over my time in my profession often felt overwhelemd by the sadness and hopelessness that surrounds our profession.But over the last year my medical practise has undergone a major change.I have been surprised at every nook and corner by the Grace of God.This was again a gentle reminder to me that He is the one who is more than able to take the suffering,,the lost and the hopeless by hand and give them the promised joy and show them riches unsurpassable.
My job is to pray.

A big burden lifted from my heart .I thanked the Lord for giving me a clearer insight into the journey I am in with him.
Praise Him who is alone able.

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