Thursday, December 13, 2007

wise-cracks,vertigo and my siblings...

Been to England and back.Enjoyed the wise-cracks at the BTS.Saw umpteen number of cousins hadn't met for a while.Ragged my cousin PG about religion as usual.Enjoyed a time to remember with my siblings...Everyday I talk to my sister and everyday she makes me laugh.My ear is giving me some problem -my world keeps spinning around-my taste-buds seem to have gone on a holiday.I am living on boiled patatoes and tomato chutney but for the exciting stuff my juniors make off and on.
I am living in a totally different plane.My cousin bought me a Sony Home Theatre system.I bought a Jack and Danny for myself.Its a sleek guitar.Janet presented me with a capo to go with it.Its christmas here away from all that is home but I feel detatched enough!

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