Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy mmmmm!

I tell my friend I am in my own world,deliriously happy.
The first thing he asks me is are you in love?
I have been doing my own little things being sinfully selfish indulging myself in small things that give me immense happiness.
I bought myself some lamp-shades,one in particular was after my own heart.I was all over Birganj,Ranchi and DTO on the lookout and as it always happens I come across this small shop in the by-lanes of Kolkotta that says 'Lamp-shades' and sells only lamp-shades.It was there in all hues, colours and materials.Paper,silk and satin.
Amazing ,and I thought shops like that had stopped existing.
The other thing that has happened is I have re-discovered my love for music and writing.My home theatre system which was a gift from my cousin is being used to the maximum and I discovered this collection of MP3 which took me back to my growing up years..some favourites from dire-straits,cat stevens,Eric clapton,Smokie....remembered my older siblings playing them at home and us the impressionable youngsters soaking it into the sub-concious...I guess that is why I find myself smiling to myself even as I humm along .
I have also been spending more time with my guitar...dreaming of playing the way the guys do-this is a little far-fetched but it is a dream nevertheless.
Connected and caught up with some old friends..exchanging recipes ..latest being one on wine-making-my fridge is conked off so I guess I'll use it as a make-shift cellar.
You take grapes,crush it in a mixer-add sugar ,a spoon of wheat flake and another spoon of rice flake-keep it in an air-tight container for a week-stir it and seive it through a muslin cloth-and there bingo is your wine.Although I remember my mom making it a little differently.
I am off off to the AGM next week-its in Ramgarh,Jim Corbett Park.Need to get a 'save the tiger'tee for my little neice and my brother who is a total environmental freak.The other day my mom was after some insects with an insecticide spray and was lectured as to how the dead insects could be eaten by the birds and the birds being a die-hard fan has chucked everthing that could even remotely tilt the nature's balance.
The light's gone.
more next time..

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